The Move To Solar Over Coal In Australia Will Bring More Job Opportunites For Australians

Brighter future for australian employment

So, we know that having a solar system installed can save you money, reduce your home energy bills drastically, increase your property value and lower the harmful emissions polluting the environment. But did you know it could open the floodgates for employment opportunities in Australia?

By 2016 the number of jobs and people employed in the renewable energy industry across the world hit over the 10 million mark. In 2017 Australia alone had over 6,000 employed in just the Solar PV sector, with the employment opportunities looking to grow further.

As the cost of investing and installing a Solar PV System has dropped and become easily accessible to the average household, the demand has increased. This demand has resulted in an employment boom in the Solar and renewable sector.

Recruitment Opportunities For Coal-based Workers 
As recruitment and opportunities arise in renewable energy, people are afraid that the careers in coal will plummet. However, research conducted by the Climate Council has found that job losses in coal will be more than compensated for by the increasing employment opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

Jobs in renewable energy would not only include construction, operation and installation but the maintenance of the systems. The Climate Council has pitched that if Australia was to aim to be 50% renewable by 2030 that it would lead to 28,000 new jobs.

For current workers in the coal-based electricity sector, the transition of employment to the renewable energy sector could be relatively straightforward, due to the shared understanding and process of how electricity works and the available training offered in Australia.

More Money In Solar Sector For Employees

In an American based study, researchers found the annual pay is generally better in solar as opposed to coal. Overall, they found that after retraining technical workers, most would make more money in the solar industry than they do in coal. Similar predictions have been forecasted in the Solar Industry for Australia.


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