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High Quality Solar Lead Generation Direct to Your Inbox


Become a Solar Market endorsed partner and start receiving high-quality leads from Australians seeking quotes for solar installations. Be part of an elite network that connects with over 5,000 Australian consumers every month, all looking to Solar Market to find local solar solutions like yours.

Why Partner with Solar Market (Powered by The Quote Company):

  • No Initial Fees or Binding Agreements: Join us without any upfront costs or ongoing contractual obligations.
  • Set Daily and Weekly limits within precise service areas.
  • Receive only in High-Intent Leads that are ready to buy: We ensure you only pay for leads that show a genuine interest in solar solutions.
  • Dedicated Support Through an Local Account Manager: Receive tailored support and guidance from your own account manager based in Australia.
  • Superior Lead Management Portal: Utilise our leading-edge online portal for seamless lead management, customisable and accessible 24/7.
  • Quality Leadership in the Market: Our edge comes from identifying customers with a high intention to purchase and filtering out those less likely to proceed, using a robust series of questions, alongside our targeted marketing strategies and quoting process. We rigorously verify customer details through our system and dedicated team before assigning them to ensure you receive only the highest quality leads.

By partnering with us, you gain access to our unparalleled Lead Management Portal, designed for effectiveness and available round the clock for your convenience.

Let us shoulder the burden of generating quality solar leads, freeing you to concentrate on what you do best: growing and managing your business.

Keen to boost your business with our high-quality solar leads? Request a callback today to discover more.

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What our Customers Say

“The Quote Company’s Lead Management Portal is a big stand out. The features and the ease of use makes a big difference. In terms of the volume of leads. Signing up with The Quote Company has had a positive impact on our business.”

Michael, Queensland

“The Quote Company has helped us tap into an online market that we were unaware about. The quality of the leads makes you stand out and your customer service. Receiving a lead as soon as the enquiry is made is also very advantageous.”

Danny, Brisbane

We make getting solar a breeze!

We make getting solar a breeze!


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© 2023 Solar Market Pty. Ltd. All Rights Reserved.