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Qcells Solar Panels Review

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Qcells Key Facts:

Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea
Where are Qcells Solar panels made ? China, Malaysia, South Korea, United States
What year was Qcells Solar founded? ? 1999
What year did Qcells Solar enter the Australian market? ? 2009
Does Qcells have an Australian presence? Head office is in North Sydney.
QcellsSolar fact: Qcells Solar have had an Australian presence for longer than any other solar panel manufacturer currently in the market.

Qcells Solar Panels Range Review

There’s a lot of hype around Qcells solar panels. By and large, those in the industry agree that their products are pretty top notch.

These Q.lever panels come with Q.lever names, like: the Q.MAXX and Q.PEAK series, and like to boast that they sport the latest and greatest in solar tech.

So, are Qcells putting out hot panels or just a bunch of hot air? Read on as we give an honest review of Qcells Solar panels.

Q.MAXX Series

They look sleek and stylish (for a solar panel), offer module efficiency in excess of 21%, feature Q.ANTUM DUO Z cell technology, and, most importantly… they come in black.

Not only do Qcells’ Q.Maxx panels look great on your roof, but they also rock Qcells’ proprietary HotSpot Protect and Anti LeTID Technology.

These safeguard against excessive performance degradation (Qcells performance warranty guaranteeing 98% of nominal power output within the first year), and help the Qcells solar panels cope under the strain of the harsh Aussie sun.

Q-MAXX panels consistently rank in independant performance tests, like PV Evolutions Lab’s Top Performer’s test and the new “Quality Controlled PV” run by TÜV Rheinland.

All guaranteed under Qcells’ 25-year product & performance warranty. Nice one.

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Qcell Solar Panels: Review and Specs

Range name Q.MAXX Series
Power rating* 400 – 415W*
Efficiency Up to 21.4%*
Product warranty 25 years
Performance warranty 25 years
Type Monocrystalline
Quality range: High
*depending on panel dimensions


Qcells’ Q.PEAK Panel series is a very similar offering to the Q.MAXX series with all of the underlying technology being practically the same.

Its physical footprint is what separates the Q.PEAK series from the Q.MAXX.

With 132 cells and measuring 1879 mm x 1045 mm, this larger format cuts down on the number of panels needed in your system. Installers tend to like this as it’s generally quicker and cheaper to install. They might even pass on some of those cost savings to you…

Panel efficiency still soars to 21.1%, and everything is still backed up by Qcells’ 25 year product and performance warranties. Provided you’ve got the right roof shape and space, they’re a great choice.

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Qcell Solar Panels: Review and Specs

Range name Q.MAXX Series  
Power rating* 405 – 415W *
Efficiency Up to 21.1%*
Product warranty 25 years
Performance warranty 25 years
Type Monocrystalline
Quality range: High
*depending on panel dimensions

How much do Qcells Solar Panels Cost?

With Qcells’ solar panels, you’re paying for quality. Even their more affordable options are top tier, so get ready for your wallet to feel a little lighter if you want a quality solar system from one of the best in the business.

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Solar System Pricing

Estimated as of March 2023
Budget combo Mid-range combo Top-end combo
Price per watt $0.65 $0.85 $1.20
Price for a 6.6kW solar system* $4,290 $5,610 $7,920
Panel examples
JA Solar
Trina Solar
Inverter examples Growatt Sungrow Fronius

*Approximate price only, AUD retail incl. GST. Assumes pairing with a comparable quality inverter. Quoted price will vary depending on multiple factors, including your location, your home and its roof, available supply, installers etc. We recommend comparing quotes form 3 installers to get an accurate price for your individual situation.

If you’re considering Qcell solar panels, rest assured they have received great reviews from homeowners who have installed them. 

With solid customer service and warranty in Australia, these panels are not only reliable but also efficient, boasting high maximum efficiency ratings.

In conclusion, Qcells is a great quality and dependable solar panel manufacturer. Use our Solar Panel Calculator to determine your kilowatt requirements and cost.

Alternatively, you can also request 3 free quotes from qualified solar installers to plan and price your ideal solar setup.

Qcells Solar Panel Warranty

When choosing a warranty for your solar system, it’s important to consider a few key factors.

Can I trust my solar installer will resolve my claim?

Firstly, look for a reliable solar installer with a good reputation for after-sales support and customer service. Check for clear evidence of warranties, guarantees on their workmanship, and a dedicated customer service team in Australia with a well resourced claims team.

Secondly, opt for manufacturers that have a physical presence in Australia, as this will ensure you can easily reach them in case of any issues, even if your installer is unavailable.

If you’re unsure consider requesting 3 free solar quotes from us. We match you with CEC-accredited installers for a seamless solar experience.

Qcells solar panel warranty review. Yes or no?

All Qcells solar panels come with great limited warranties, including:

  • Product Warranty – materials and workmanship
  • Performance Warranty – guarantee on the efficiency of the panels as they age

They also have a North Sydney office to help you with the claims process on the off chance that you need it.

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Qcell solar panel warranty review:

Product Warranty25 years✅
Performance Warranty25 years✅
Australian PresenceNorth Sydney Office✅


All things considered, Australian buyers can rest easy when purchasing Qcells solar panels.

FAQ - Qcells Solar Panels

Yes, Qcells solar panels are good! They’re a tier 1 solar panel manufacturer known for their high quality products.

Their Q.ANTUM DUO Z technology allows for even more solar panel efficiency. 

Overall, their solar modules are a solid choice for households looking for a more premium panel with great performance backed up by a robust warranty.

Qcells solar panels come with a 25 year product and performance warranty, which is better than the typical 12 to 15 year warranty offered with many panels sold in Australia. 

Note that this longer warranty used to be a feature only found in the most expensive brands, but now more and more solar panel manufacturers are offering similar long warranties. 

Qcells has a North Sydney office, so getting in touch with them to sort out any issues shouldn’t be too much of a worry.

Qcells contact details are as follows:

Hanwha Qcells Australia Pty Ltd
Suite 1, Level 1
15 Blue Street
North Sydney, NSW, 2060

1-800-Q CELLS
02 9016 3033

Get Quotes for Qcells Solar Panels Now!

Are you considering Qcells panels for your solar setup? 

To get started, reach out to solar installers for quotes that meet your specific needs and location. 

Our FREE guide on choosing the right installer can help you with that OR you can get the ball rolling right now! Click here and we’ll get you 3 FREE quotes, quick. It’s the no-fuss way to make your solar system dreams a reality!


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