ACT Solar Rebate

Living in and around the Bush Capital and thinking about solar? Let’s get you up to speed on every ACT solar rebate available at the moment. We’ll cover:

  • ACT solar rebates specific to the territory
  • The Federal Gov STC incentive
  • ACT solar feed-in tariffs

ACT solar rebates are some of the nation’s best! Read on to discover why.

ACT Government Solar Rebate

Home Energy Support: Rebates for Homeowners

Aimed at homeowners who hold Australian Pensioner Concession or Veteran’ Affairs Gold Card in the ACT, this solar rebate provides up to $5,000 towards the installation of energy efficient products and sustainable home upgrades.

Two separate payments rebates are available:

  1. One rebate up to 50% of the installation cost (to a maximum $2,500) for rooftop solar
  2. One rebate up to 50% of the installation cost (to a maximum $2,500) for:
    • Reverse cycle heating and cooling
    • Hot water heat pumps
    • Electric stove tops

Before they can access this solar rebate ACT, homeowners need to attend a free online workshop which covers key program info and how to apply while helping you make choices about your energy efficient upgrades.

ACT Sustainable Household Scheme

While it’s not technically a solar rebate, ACT homeowners can access up to $15,000 in interest free loans to help with the cost of energy efficient upgrades being made to their homes.

Available upgrades include:

  • Rooftop solar systems
  • Battery storage systems
  • Electric heating and cooling systems
  • Hot water heat pumps
  • Electric stove tops
  • Electric vehicles
  • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure
  • The installation costs for these products

Pretty generous, right?

The official partner and loan provider of the scheme is Brighte.

The loan needs to be repaid within 10 years of being taken out.

Why You Can No Longer Access the ACT Solar Battery Rebate

In the ACT a solar battery rebate known as the Next Gen Energy Storage Program was available to help drive down the upfront cost of home energy storage. This gave the ACT a huge advantage over the other states and territories in the past.

The program ran from 2016 and closed on the 11th of January 2023 due to reaching its target of 5000 battery installations.

There’s no news of a replacement ACT Solar Battery Rebate, but we’ll update this space if one is announced!

What was the Next Gen Energy Storage Program

This program used to provide ACT households and businesses with a generous discount toward the cost of getting a battery storage unit connected to a new or existing rooftop solar PV system.

Households received whichever was lowest of either: 

  • $3,500 (excluding GST), or;
  • 50% of the battery price (excluding GST)

Businesses received whichever was lowest of either: 

  • $35,000 (excluding GST), or;
  • 33% of the battery price (excluding GST)

If you wanted to access this ACT solar battery rebate you needed to go through an approved installation partner

Federal Government Solar Incentive - STCs in the ACT

So, this is technically an “incentive” not a “rebate”, BUT semantics aside, the Federal Government funded STC program is the main solar rebate most ACT homeowners will access to get a big upfront discount on the installation of their solar system.

Under the scheme, Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) are awarded to you when you install your system. These STCs are then traded (usually by your solar installer) for cash. You see that as a discount on what you pay for your system.

The number of STCs you get depends on the year you install, your system size and which of the 4 STC “zones” you live in.

All of the ACT is in STC zone 3.

If you’re installing a 6.6kW system in the ACT, your solar rebate should look something like this:

Estimated STC solar rebate in ACT and Canberra zone 3.

Jump to our Australian Solar Rebates and Incentives page for more information on STCs and the ACT solar rebates.

ACT Solar Rebate Calculator

Working out your ACT solar rebate doesn’t have to be tricky. Just use our STC calculator and get answers in a flash!

Enter your your postcode and find out your:

  • Estimated STC discount for the ACT
  • Predicted payback period
  • Expected electricity bill savings.

Try it out now! It’s free and easy.

ACT Solar Feed-in Tariffs

In addition to the Federal Government’s and ACT solar rebates, feed-in-tariffs (FiTs) push your solar savings even further.

A FiT is a credit you can get on your electricity bill from your electricity retailer (like ActewAGL) in exchange for the surplus energy generated by your solar system that you don’t need, so it’s fed back into the grid.

ACT feed-in tariff rates per kWh depend on which electricity retailer you’re with, and can vary from as low as $0.00 (boo!) all the way up to $0.40 (yay!).

Current ACT solar feed-in tariffs are in the table below (but double check each retailer’s website for specific T&Cs):

Actew AGL 8.0c 12.0c
Amber Electric No Fixed Amount No Fixed Amount
Discover Energy 6.0c 6.0c
Elysian Energy 9.0c 9.0c
Energy Australia 9.5c 9.5c
Origin Energy 7.0c 11.0c
Powerclub 0.0c 7.0c
Radian Energy 6.0c 6.0c
ReAmped Energy 0.0c 13.0c
Red Energy 6.0c 6.0c
Simply Energy 8.0c 8.0c
Social Energy 9.0c 40.0c*
1st Energy 6.0c 11.0c
AGL 6.0c 15.0c
Alinta Energy 0.0c 11.0c
Bright Spark Power 7.0c 7.0c
CovaU Energy 0.0c 11.0c
Diamond Energy 0.0c 10.2c
Discover Energy 6.0c 13.0c
Dodo 8.5c 8.5c
Electricity in a Box 4.0c 4.0c
Elysian Energy 0.0c 7.9c
Energy Australia 8.5c 8.5c
Energy Locals 8.5c 8.5c
Ergon Energy 6.6c 6.6c
Future X Power 4.0c 4.0c
GEE Energy 0.0c 13.0c
GloBird Energy 3.0c 7.2c
Glow Power 7.0c 7.0c
Kogan Energy 2.9c 2.9c
Locality Planning Energy 0.0c 7.9c
Mojo Power 5.5c 18.0c
Momentum Energy 0.0c 10.0c
Nectr 0.0c 6.0c
Origin Energy 5.0c 13.0c
OVO Energy 0.0c 8.0c
People Energy 8.0c 8.0c
Powerdirect 6.0c 6.0c
Powershop 0.0c 3.5c
QEnergy 0.0c 8.0c
Radian Energy 6.0c 6.0c
ReAmped Energy 0.0c 17.0c
Red Energy 5.0c 11.5c
Simply Energy 4.5c 4.5c
Sumo 6.0c 6.0c
1st Energy 6.0c 11.0c
ActewAGL 8.0c 15.0c
AGL 7.0c 17.0c
Alinta Energy 7.5c 7.5c
Bright Spark Power 7.0c 7.0c
CovaU Energy 0.0c 8.5c
Diamond Energy 0.0c 10.2c
Discover Energy 6.0c 16.0c
Dodo 11.6c 11.6c
Enova Energy 0.0c 12.0c
Electricity in a Box 7.0c 7.0c
Elysian Energy 0.0c 8.4c
Energy Australia 9.5c 9.5c
Future X Power 4.0c 4.0c
GEE Energy 0.0c 14.0c
GloBird Energy 3.0c 3.0c
Glow Power 7.0c 7.0c
Indigo Power 10.0c 10.0c
Kogan Energy 4.4c 4.4c
Locality Planning Energy 0.0c 8.5c
Mojo Power 7.5c 22.0c
Momentum Energy 0.0c 10.0c
Nectr 0.0c 7.0c
Origin Energy 5.0c 14.0c
OVO Energy 0.0c 8.0c
People Energy 8.0c 8.0c
Pooled Energy 4.5c 6.0c
Powerdirect 7.0c 7.0c
Powershop 0.0c 5.0c
QEnergy 8.0c 8.0c
ReAmped Energy 0.0c 21.0c
Radian Energy 6.0c 6.0c
Red Energy 6.0c 18.0c
Simply Energy 7.0c 10.0c
Smart Energy 7.0c 10.0c
Sumo 8.0c 8.0c
Tango Energy 5.5c 5.5c
Jacana Energy 8.3c 8.3c
Rimfire Energy 11.0c 11.0c
1st Energy 8.0c 13.0c
AGL 8.0c 16.0c
Alinta Energy 9.5c 9.5c
CovaU Energy 0.0c 12.0c
Diamond Energy 0.0c 10.2c
Discover Energy 6.0c 13.0c
Dodo 11.6c 11.6c
Elysian Energy 0.0c 9.6c
Energy Australia 10.5c 10.5c
Energy Locals 6.5c 6.5c
Future X Power 4.0c 4.0c
GloBird Energy 3.0c 3.0c
IO Energy 8.0c 8.0c
Kogan Energy 2.1c 2.1c
Lumo Energy 3.0c 3.0c
Mojo Power 6.8c 6.8c
Momentum Energy 0.0c 10.0c
Nectr 0.0c 2.0c
Origin Energy 6.0c 13.0c
OVO Energy 0.0c 8.0c
People Energy 6.8c 6.8c
Powerdirect 8.0c 8.0c
Powershop 0.0c 3.0c
QEnergy 6.8c 6.8c
ReAmped Energy 0.0c 19.0c
Red Energy 3.0c 3.0c
Simply Energy 4.5c 4.5c
Tango Energy 0.0c 7.5c
1st Energy 6.5c 10.5c
Aurora Energy 6.5c 6.5c
Elysian Energy 7.9c 9.0c
Energy Locals 6.6c 6.6c
1st Energy 6.7c 12.0c
AGL 6.7c 6.7c
CovaU Energy 10.2c 10.2c
Diamond Energy 10.2c 10.2c
Discover Energy 10.2c 10.2c
Dodo 12.0c 12.0c
Elysian Energy 0.0c 13.0c
Energy Australia 7.0c 10.2c
Energy Locals 7.0c 10.2c
GloBird Energy 0.0c 10.2c
Indigo Power 10.2c 10.2c
Kogan Energy 6.7c 10.2c
Lumo Energy 8.0c 10.2c
Momentum Energy 6.7c 10.0c
Origin Energy 6.7c 10.2c
OVO Energy 10.2c 10.2c
People Energy 6.7c 6.7c
Powerdirect 10.2c 10.2c
Powershop 6.7c 10.2c
QEnergy 6.7c 6.7c
ReAmped Energy 6.7c 6.7c
Red Energy 8.0c 10.2c
Simply Energy 10.2c 10.2c
Sumo 10.2c 10.2c
Tango Energy 10.2c 10.2c
Horizon Power 3.0c 10.0c**
Synergy 2.5c 10.0c**

Feed-in tariff rates are ‘cents per kWh exported’

Feed-in tariff rates are important and, just like your ACT solar rebates, they go a long way in reducing the payback period on your solar system. Check out our main FiT page for even more info.

Don’t forget! You can compare electricity plans with a FiT as well as gas plans with Energy Market. Compare deals and switch online in minutes. It’s the free and easy way to save on your energy bills.

FAQs - ACT Solar Rebate

The main ACT solar rebate is the Federal Government’s STC incentive which gives you a very generous upfront discount on a solar system.

Click here to learn how STCs work

Or use our Solar Calculator to easily work out your STC solar rebate.

The Federal Government funded STC solar rebate gives ACT residents a big upfront discount on their solar or solar battery system.

Your installer will usually handle all the paperwork and go through the application process on your behalf. They’ll then apply this discount when working out your quote, so you’re never out of pocket.

One of the best ways to get your full ACT solar rebate is to get 3 free quotes from a trusted, local CEC accredited installer and see if they’re discounting the same amount.

Check out our Australian Solar Rebates and Incentives page for further details on STCs.

Federal Government Solar Rebates

STC Incentive

Accessing the STC solar rebate in the ACT is the same as in every other state. As long as you’re installing a system no larger than 100kW, you’re eligible.

ACT Government Solar Rebates

Home Energy Support: Rebates for Homeowners

To be eligible for this ACT solar rebate you must hold either an Australian Pensioner Concession or Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card holders, have an eligible property which you own and occupy where the product will be installed, as well as attending a free Home Energy Support workshop

The workshop will provide information on the program, how to apply, and will help you with your energy efficient choices.

Sustainable Household Scheme (interest free loan)

Open to residents of the ACT who either own a home or hold a current driving licence (when applying for a loan for an electric vehicle). Jump up to learn more.

For the Federal STC rebate, usually in the ACT, solar rebate applications are handled by your installer. They should provide you with a quote that has the discount applied to the cost of your system

For the State run ACT solar rebates, follow these links for more information on how to apply:

There isn’t an ACT solar rebate for renters offered by the State Government like there are in some other states. However, although renters can’t directly access the Federal STC solar rebate in ACT you can speak to your landlord to see if they will consider an arrangement where they install the system and you contribute to the cost, knowing you’ll get the savings on your electricity bill.

The best next step is to speak to your landlord and send them this link to get 3 solar quotes to find out the cost to install at your home.

FAQs - ACT Solar Battery Rebate

This ACT solar battery rebate used to cover 50% of the cost of installing an eligible battery system to a maximum $3,500. Click here to read more.

To be eligible for the Next Gen ACT solar battery rebate while it was still available your new battery system had to be:

  • Purchased through a participating retailer in the ACT solar battery rebate program
  • Coupled with solar panels
  • Connected to the electricity grid
  • Be a new system that has not previously been supported by the program

FAQs - ACT Sustainable Home Advice Program

The ACT Sustainable Home Advice Program is free and provides advice on a range of efficiency and sustainability measures to help you save money, as well as improve your carbon footprint. Find out more here.

The benefits to landlords include:

  • Add value to your investment property
  • Increase how desirable your property is to tenants
  • Increase what you can charge in rent
  • A greener home.

Get the best ACT solar rebate!

To take advantage of the ACT solar rebates! Get started on your solar journey with 3 FREE quotes from trusted local solar providers.

Not ready for quotes and living in Canberra? check out our dedicated page for your city.


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