Solar Inverter Reviews

It’s a big and exciting decision to go solar. There are are a lot choices to make and you really need to be as educated as possible about selecting the components that will make up your solar system and the company that installs it for you.

If you have gone through our list of 28 questions to ask your solar installer, you will have asked where their components were made, if the panels have a negative or positive power tolerance and if the panel manufacturer has an office in Australia.

Solar Market provides you with 3 free quotes from trusted, local installers, but once you receive the quotes you will need to research all of the components so you that can decided on which system is best for you.

Based on your interaction with the installer and the quote provided, you can now research the solar panels here by reading our Solar Panel Reviews.

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Fronius Solar Inverters
SolarEdge Solar Inverters
ABB Solar Inverters
Delta Solar Inverters

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