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Solar Rebate SA


Need info about every available solar rebate in SA? This page has got you covered. In it, we take a comprehensive look at:

  • All the state specific solar rebates SA residents can access
  • The Federal Gov STC incentive
  • South Australian solar feed-in tariffs

Off the bat, you should know that South Australia has paved the way for solar in Australia and because of its history of generous solar rebates, SA has some of the strongest adoption of rooftop solar in the country.

Let’s see if that’s still the case…

State Based Solar Rebates in SA

At the moment there’s no solar rebate the SA Government directly offers to support the rollout of rooftop solar and battery storage in the state.

Thankfully the City of Adelaide and the private sector are stepping up to fill the gap.

City of Adelaide - Sustainability Incentive Scheme

This solar rebate provides SA landlords and concession card holding homeowners living within the City of Adelaide up to $5000 cashback on the cost of installing a solar system.

Like with most of the other solar rebates, the SA or Federal Governments front the bill. In this case, it’s the City of Adelaide itself.

The amount you get back is a percentage of your total installation costs, with the amount capped out depending on the size of your system:

System sizeRebate amount
(Percentage of system price )
Max Rebate
≥1.5 kW to ≤10 kW20%$1,000
>10 kW to ≤20 kW20%$2,500
>20 kW20%$5,000

Under the scheme you can also get:

  • Up to $2000 for electric vehicle charging equipment (cars and bikes)
  • Up to $1000 for a solar hot water system
  • Up to $5000 for a rainwater tank
  • Up to $500 for an electricity management system to access off-peak electricity

Click here to visit the City of Adelaide’s website to find out more.

Not a concession cardholder or a landlord? No problem. There are other solar rebates SA residents can claim below…

State Based Solar Battery Rebates in SA

At the moment there is no Solar Battery Rebate in SA.

The South Australian government used to run the Home Battery Scheme, which gave all SA residents purchasing a battery access to subsidies and low-interest loans.

That scheme has ended with no word of any new offer on the horizon.

That said, there’s still a chance you can snap up an affordable battery by applying to become a part of the South Australia Virtual Power Plant.

South Australia Virtual Power Plant and the Tesla Energy Plan

The South Australian Virtual Power Plant is a program run by the South Australian Government in partnership with Tesla, with the aim of creating Australia’s largest virtual power plant (VPP).

The goal is to have a vast network of Tesla batteries connected and talking to one another to smartly store and export energy to meet the demands of the wider grid.

How you access the scheme and what you get out of it depends on whether you live in private or public housing.

Public Housing

Housing SA properties may be shortlisted for the program if they’re deemed to be a good fit. If the resident agrees to come on as a SA VPP customer, a solar system with a Tesla Powerwall home battery will be installed and maintained at their home for zero cost.

In exchange the resident enjoys:

  • An exclusive electricity price (the lowest residential rate in the state)
  • Use of the Powerwall to back the home in a power outage
  • A low daily electricity supply charge

1,100 Housing SA properties have been fitted with solar and Tesla Powerwall home battery systems during phase 1, free of charge.

Phase 3 is now being rolled out with 3,000 more Housing SA properties to become part of the network.

Private Households

If you own your own home and have or are planning to have a Tesla Powerwall installed, you can join the SA VPP through the Tesla Energy Plan.

In exchange for allowing Tesla access to your Powerwall to optimise your energy exports, you’ll receive perks like:

  • An exclusive Feed in Tariff (FiT) rate for the solar you export
  • An extended warranty on your Powerwall
  • Grid Support Credits against your energy bill
  • Plus heaps more…

New and existing owners of a Powerwall home battery can apply.

EV Purchase Subsidy

Again, this isn’t really a solar rebate, but SA motorists can now access a $3,000 subsidy when they purchase a new electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. That’s bundled with a 3-year registration exemption.

The subsidy is limited to 7,000 vehicles only, valued below $68,750 (incl. GST).

Federal Government Solar Incentive - STCs in South Australia

On top of the State Government solar rebates, SA residents can access the Federal Government STC incentive, more commonly known as the ‘STC Rebate.’

Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) are created when you install a new solar system and are traded in for a massive upfront discount.

System size, the year you install and the ‘STC zone’ that you live in all contribute in deciding how much you receive from this solar rebate. SA falls under zone 3, for the most part.

Here is an example of the STC solar rebate you could expect if you live in or around Adelaide, Victor Harbour, Mount Gambier, Port Wakefield, Edithburgh or Port Lincoln:

The Federal STC rebate (which is technically an ‘incentive’ and not actually a government solar ‘rebate’) South Australians living in zone 3 can expect each year. The number of STCs rewarded reduces every year, so get in quick!

Jump to our Australian Solar Rebates and Incentives page for more information on STCs and solar rebates in SA.

Calculate your Solar Rebate in SA for 2022

If you want to work out your solar rebate in SA, 2023 updates to our Solar Calculator make it as easy as 1-2-3.

Follow the link below and chuck in your postcode to instantly predict your:

  • STC solar rebate discount
  • Payback period
  • Savings to your electricity bill with solar

Solar Feed-in Tariffs in South Australia

Upfront government solar rebates in South Australia are great. But don’t forget your feed-in tariff (FiT) savings too!

Your electricity retailer will pay you for the excess electricity your solar system produces that your home doesn’t use. Effectively, they buy the electricity from you and then on-sell it to your neighbours who need it at that point in time.

The current SA solar feed-in tariffs are in the table below (but double check each retailer’s website for specific terms and conditions):

Actew AGL 6.0c 15.0c
Amber Electric No Fixed Amount No Fixed Amount
Energy Australia 7.6c 7.6c
Energy Locals 0c 7.1c
Origin Energy 10.0c 20.0c*
Radian Energy 6.0c 6.0c
Red Energy 6.0c 6.0c
Simply Energy 8.0c 8.0c*
1st Energy 6.0c 6.0c
AGL 5.0c 15.0c
Alinta Energy 8.0c 8.0c
CovaU Energy 5.5c 5.5c
Diamond Energy 0.0c 5.2c
Discover Energy 1.0c 10.0c
Dodo 5.0c 5.0c
Electricity in a Box 6.0c 6.0c
Energy Australia 6.6c 6.6c
Energy Locals 0.0c 10.7c
Ergon Energy 13.441c 13.441c
Future X Power 3.0c 3.0c
GEE Energy 0.0c 13.0c
GloBird Energy 1.0c 11.0c
Glow Power 7.0c 7.0c
Kogan Energy 0.0c 5.0c
Momentum Energy 0.0c 4.5c
Nectr 0.0c 3.85c
Origin Energy 5.0c 20.0c*
OVO Energy 0.0c 8.0c
Powershop 0.0c 5.0c
Radian Energy 7.0c 7.0c
Red Energy 1.0c 8.0c
Simply Energy 5.5c 5.5c*
Sumo 6.0c 6.0c
1st Energy 6.0c 6.0c
ActewAGL 6.0c 15.0c
AGL 5.0c 15.0c
Alinta Energy 6.7c 6.7c
CovaU Energy 0.0c 5.5c
Diamond Energy 0.0c 5.2c
Dodo 6.2c 6.2c
Electricity in a Box 7.0c 7.0c
Energy Australia 7.6c 7.6c
Energy Locals 0.0c 5.0c
Future X Power 3.0c 3.0c
Gee Energy 0.0c 14.0c
GloBird Energy 1.0c 12.0c
Kogan Energy 0.0c 5.0c
Momentum Energy 0.0c 7.0c
Nectr 0.0c 4.4c
Origin Energy 7.0* 20.0*
OVO Energy 0.0c 8.0c
Powershop 0.0c 5.0c
Radian Energy 6.0c 6.0c
Red Energy 6.0c 12.0c
Simply Energy 5.5c 5.5c*
Sumo 5.5c 5.5c
Tango Energy 0.0c 0.0c
Jacana Energy 9.13c 9.13c
Rimfire Energy 11.0c 11.0c
1st Energy 8.0c 8.0c
AGL 5.0c 15.0c
Alinta Energy 8.0c 8.0c
CovaU Energy 5.5c 5.5c
Diamond Energy 0.0c 5.2c
Dodo 5.0c 5.0c
Energy Australia 8.5c 8.5c
Energy Locals 0.0c 5.0c
Future X Power 3.0c 3.0c
GloBird Energy 1.0c 1.5c
IO Energy 2.5c 33.0c
Kogan Energy 0.0c 5.0c
Lumo Energy 5.5c 5.5c
Momentum Energy 0.0c 3.5c
Nectr 0.0c 0.0c
Origin Energy 6.0c 20.0c*
OVO Energy 0.0c 8.0c
Powershop 0.0c 5.0c
Red Energy 3.0c 5.5c
Simply Energy 5.5c 5.5c*
Tango Energy 0.0c 0.0c
1st Energy 10.87c 12.0c
Aurora Energy 10.869c 10.869c
Energy Locals 10.87c 10.87c
1st Energy 4.9c 9.9c
AGL 4.9c 15.0c
Alinta Energy 4.9c 4.9c
CovaU Energy 4.9c 4.9c
Diamond Energy 0.0c 5.2c
Dodo 4.9c 4.9c
Energy Australia 4.3c 11.7c
Energy Locals 4.9c 5.0c
GloBird Energy 3.9c 4.9c
Kogan Energy 5.2c 5.2c
Lumo Energy 4.9c 5.5c*
Momentum Energy 5.4c 5.4c
Origin Energy 4.9c 20.0*
OVO Energy 4.9c 8.0c
Powershop 5.2c 5.2c
Red Energy 4.9c 7.0c
Simply Energy 4.9c 11.0c
Sumo 5.2c 5.2c
Tango Energy 4.9c 4.9c
Horizon Power 3.0c 10.0c**
Synergy 2.25c 10.0c**

To learn more about FiTs and how they push your solar savings even further click here.

FAQs - Solar Rebate South Australia

The Switch for Solar program was a state solar rebate in SA that offered 4.4kW solar systems to concession holders at little to no cost installation.

The scheme has ended and is no longer taking applications.

You can no longer register for the Switch for Solar rebate in SA .

Go to the Sustainability Incentives Scheme page, fill in the relevant application form and email it back to claim. If you would like some more assistance or are having trouble, you can call them on (08) 8203 7203.

Unlike some other states, there’s no solar rebate in SA for renters.

Still, it’s worth speaking to your landlord to see if they’ll consider installing solar for you.

They may agree based on the value it adds to their investment, and you can always work out an arrangement where you contribute to the cost knowing you’ll make it back on cheaper electricity bills before your lease is up.

Send your landlord this link to get 3 solar quotes for your home and start the conversation!

FAQs - South Australia Home Battery Scheme

Use the home battery scheme calculator for an estimate of how much this solar rebate for SA residents would have saved you.

First step was to get a quote for your home battery system from a qualified provider – click here to get quotes from 3 qualified installers now and plan your system. 

Once you’d chosen the installer and solar battery system you like the most, they would assist you applying for the discount off the cost of your system.

Normally electricity flows from large centralised power stations like Pelican Point, through the network to your home. A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a network of decentralised energy resources, like rooftop solar systems, solar batteries, etc all talking to one another.

The VPP allows the solar and battery systems connected to the network to distribute power in a more flexible manner than a single big power station. Anyone with a VPP ready solar system can join a South Australian VPP. Help support the power grid while being paid to do so!

Get Your Solar Rebate: SA Solar Quotes That Save You More

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