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Solar Panels Brisbane

Slash your bills with Solar Panels in Brisbane!

When it comes to solar panels Brisbane, and the Sunshine State more broadly, punches well above its weight. In fact, Queensland has the highest percentage of homes with solar compared to all other states in Australia!

Take that NSW! Queensland’s got you licked in the State of Origin and now they’re smashing you in the race to renewables and solar savings. At least you’ll always have your overcrowded beaches.

Now that we’ve got the NSW bashing out of the way, let’s look at why when it comes to solar panels Brisbane has such an advantage.

Big roofs and plenty of year round sun mean Brisbane gets some of the most consistent solar output in the country.

With so many homes with solar panels in Brisbane already, you are one of the last to be missing out on the benefits of solar.

If you’re thinking about solar Brisbane has fast payback periods with many systems turning a profit in under 3 years. Here’s why:

The Sunshine State sees 261 days of sun a year making it one of Australia’s sunniest capitals, but what really sets it apart is the consistency of that sunlight. Because of its latitude, Brisbane solar panels don’t experience that winter dip in production like a number of other capital cities do.

Getting solar panels in Brisbane means you can start slashing your electricity bills from day one.

If you’re ready for solar panels Brisbane has plenty of legendary installers who can deliver a reliable and affordable solar system.

Fill in our easy form and we’ll get you 3 FREE quotes from local Brisbane installers. Or keep reading for expert tips about buying solar panels Brisbane residents need to know!

Calculate the STC rebate for solar systems Brisbane homeowners can access

When installing solar panels Brisbane homeowners are eligible for the Federal Government’s STC solar incentive. For the full explanation on how STCs work click here.

If you install a 6.6kW solar system Brisbane homeowners can expect the following discount off the cost:

As you can see, the number of STCs awarded goes down every year and runs out completely in 2031. This is to incentivise faster adoption of solar panels in Brisbane by delivering a bigger discount to those that buy early. The sooner you install solar panels in Brisbane, the more financial assistance you’ll receive from the Government.

In this example, the number of STCs awarded to a 6.6kW solar system in Brisbane in 2022 is 82 but that number drops to just 9 STCs by 2030.

To calculate how many STCs will be awarded to your solar system in Brisbane, use this formula:

As an example, here is the formula for installing 6.6kW of solar panels in Brisbane in 2022:

Are there any state Government rebates for solar panels Brisbane residents can access?

At the moment there are no State level solar incentives available in Queensland.

The only rebate on solar panels Brisbane buyers can access is the Federal STC scheme.

Questions on buying Solar Panels Brisbane residents need to know:

Since November 2013, installing residential solar panels in Brisbane has fallen under the Building Regulation 2006 as self-assessable building work. This means that when getting solar panels Brisbane homeowners don’t need to seek council approval.

If you are planning on installing a commercial system at a non-residential property consult a Brisbane solar installer and local council.

In such a competitive and mature industry, there are many highly reputable brands of solar panels in Brisbane to choose from.

SunPower, Canadian Solar, Trina Solar and JinkoSolar are well-known and common solar panels found on Brisbane homes. In many regards a solar panel is a solar panel (except for the junk – which there are many so don’t get sucked in to buying an unknown brand) but quality and price does vary.

We recommend getting at least 3 solar quotes from solar panel installers in Brisbane to find out what’s best for you and your budget.

When it comes to the size of solar systems Brisbane averages 6.6kW. A 6.6kW solar system in Brisbane ranges from $4,000 to $8,000, depending on the quality of components, complexity of install and the quality of the solar business you buy from.

When it comes to choosing between solar installers Brisbane is spoilt for choice. It’s a well established industry with plenty of operators.

There’s nothing wrong with going with a small operator over a larger outfit, but just make sure you’re covered in terms of workmanship and product warranties.

A great place to start is to get us to arrange your 3 FREE quotes from Brisbane solar installers local to your area.

Then read our simple Guide To Choosing the Right Solar Installer so you know what to look for when comparing your quotes.

Slash your electricity bills with the power of Brisbane’s sun.

The 3 steps to getting great solar panels Brisbane buyers should follow

Step 1 – Calculate your system size

Do you need 4kW or 10kW? To calculate the right number of solar panels Brisbane residents can use our FREE Solar Quiz. Just 2 minutes to complete and takes the guesswork out of finding the right system size for your home.

Step 2 – Get 3 free solar quotes

When they’re ready for solar panels Brisbane homeowners are best off comparing their options. Just fill out 1 form to get 3 FREE quotes from CEC accredited solar installers in Brisbane. We do all the legwork – you just need to compare and choose the deal you want.

Getting multiple quotes costs you nothing and can literally save you thousands.

Step 3 – Get Your System Installed

Now it’s time to get your system and start saving.

The time between choosing a system and install day is usually pretty quick – as little as 2 weeks depending on your installer’s schedule and electricity network approvals.

Generally it takes just one day to get your panels installed and your system switched on.

You’ll be slashing your energy bills in no time!

When you go Solar Brisbane wins, you win, the planet wins

If you had to ask someone where’s the best place to buy solar Brisbane definitely leads the pack.

• Slash your electricity bill
• Support local jobs
• Smash Sydney

What’s there not to love?

Get 3 FREE solar quotes today and don’t waste any more of Brisbane’s perfect solar rays.


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