Battery Sizes and Pricing

What size battery do I need?

The size of battery storage that’ll be beneficial to you will be dependent on:

  • Your households daily energy usage
  • How much excess energy your solar power system generates and;
  • How much independence you want from the grid

As an example, if you are using 6kWh of the 16kWh your solar power system is generating during the day and you expect to use at least 10kWh of power at night (common for a household with 9-5 pm workers) a 10kWh battery will store this excess power for you to be able to use at night, once your solar power system is no longer generating energy from the sun. This means unless you go over that 10kWh of power you won’t need to use any additional energy from the grid.

Before deciding which battery size is right for you, you should breakdown your daily power usage and how much electricity your solar power system is generating. You can do this with your power bill or a monitoring device.

From there you can calculate how much power you use and the excess you can store.

See below for current prices and brands out in the market.

Battery Pricing

Just want an idea of the price range to expect when considering battery storage for your solar power system? See a snapshot of some of the available batteries in today’s market below.

Learn the different factors and specifications of batteries that can affect pricing and ROI here


Enphase AC Battery 1.2kWh $2,000 (Fully installed)
Soltaro 2 2kWh $1,700
Pylontech US2000B 2.4kWh $1,999
SolaX 3.3 3.5kWh $5,390
Sonnenbatterie Eco 9.43 15kWh $16,500
SunGrow SBP4K8 4.8kWh $3,500
ELMOFO E-Cells ALB52-106 5.5kWh $8,190
Akasol neeoQube 5.5kWh $12,000
Delta Hybrid E5 6kWh $6,600
Leclanche Apollion Cube 6.7kWh $9,200
Tesla Powerwall 2 14kWh $11,700
Sonnenschein @ Home Lithium 8.5kWh $10,109
Hybrid “Home” Plus 9.84kWh $11,000
Redflow ZCell 10kWh $12,600
Senec.home Li 10 10 kWh $12,500
BYD B-Box RES 10.24 kWh $7,500
Sunverge SIS 11.6kWh $26,000 (Fully installed)
Magellan HESS 12.8 kWh $20,600

Last Updated November 2019
* Nominal storage (when filled to the brim, which is not recommended for battery life)
** Price is approximate and may not include installation

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