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Canadian Solar Panels Review

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CanadianSolar Key Facts:

Headquarters: Guelph, Canada
Where are Canadian Solar panels made? Canada and China
What year was Canadian Solar founded? 2001
What year did Canadian Solar enter the Australian market? 2011
Does Canadian Solar have an Australian presence? Head office is in Melbourne, with dedicated warehouse facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.
Canadian Solar fact: Canadian Solar was the first company to deliver 600W high power solar modules based on 210mm mono PERC cell in 2021 May.

Canadian Solar Panels Range Review

With a name like that you’d assume this company was as Canadian as maple syrup. The truth is, the majority of Canadian Solar’s manufacturing is done in China, with a number of centres across Brazil, South East Asia, plus two manufacturing facilities in Ontario, Canada, making up the rest. 

Not that that’s a problem; Canadian Solar has a reputation as a top-tier solar panel manufacturer.

Let’s take a closer look and see if they’re the right fit for your roof. 

With a wide range of residential panel options, like HiKu, TOPHiKu, HiHero, and All-Black series, you’ll have plenty of choice.

In this review, we’ll dive into each option to give you the scoop on Canadian Solar panel quality and efficiency. 

Strap in and get ready to make an informed decision.

HiKu Series

The HiKu solar panel series is a dual cell module, boasting solid performance, with module power up to 670W and efficiency up to 21.7%, Canadian Solar claims these panels are built to last, with no boron-oxygen LID, anti-PID, and cell technology that reduces degradation and enhances performance. 

The HiKu series panels also have a low-temperature coefficient and lower hot spot temperatures, meaning they should perform well in our hot Australian climate. On the flip side, if you’re battling a shady roof, the HikKu series’ dual cell construction helps it eek out every watt in challenging light situations. Plus, it’s designed to handle harsh weather conditions with solid snow and wind loads.

In short, it’s a high-performing, reliable choice for energy-hungry homeowners.

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Canadian Solar Panels: Review and Specs

Range nameHiKu Series
Power rating*360 – 670W*
EfficiencyUp to 21.7%*
Product warranty12 years
Performance warranty25 years
TypeMonocrystalline & Polycrystalline
Price range / Quality: Mid-range
*depending on panel dimensions

TOPHiKu Series

Canadian Solar’s TOPHiku series draws on a lot of the same DNA that goes into their HiKu panels so comes with a lot of the same benefits.

What makes these solar panels their own beast is their use of “N-type” solar cells, which can provide a boost in efficiency and production whilst reducing degradation.

These panels are backed by a super generous 30 year performance warranty as a result. So if you’re after confidence that your system will perform for years to come, Canadian Solar’s TOPHiKu panels are worth a look.

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Canadian Solar Panels: Review and Specs

Range name TOPHiKu Series
Power rating* 420 – 575W*
Efficiency Up to 22.3% *
Product warranty 12 years
Performance warranty 30 years
Type N-Type
Price range: Mid-range
*depending on panel dimensions

HiHero Series

Canadian Solar’s HiHero solar panels are another N-Type module. They are perfect for making the most of tight roof spaces thanks to their higher than average 22.5% efficiency. 

Their use of heterojunction cells is a big factor in this, allowing these panels to push efficiency while also performing better in hotter temperatures.

All this comes with an above industry standard 25 year product warranty, meaning you’re well covered when it comes to material defects and workmanship.

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Canadian Solar Panels: Review and Specs

Range name HiHero Series
Power rating* 415 – 440W *
Efficiency Up to 22.5%*
Product warranty 25 years
Performance warranty 30 years
Type N-Type
Quality range: High Quality
*depending on panel dimensions

All-Black Series

No, it’s not the official solar panel of the New Zealand rugby team, but the Canadian Solar All-Black series still deserves your attention.

The All-Black solar panel is the perfect choice for homeowners wanting a sleek, stylish look for their roof. Not only do these affordable solar panels feature a black backsheet and frame, the monocrystalline panels also boast a high power range at 345-405W, plus low power loss in solar cells connection. 

It’s a reliable choice with a low-temperature coefficient and reduced hot spot or shading issues.

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Canadian Solar Panels: Review and Specs

Range name All Black Series  
Power rating* 345 – 405W*
Efficiency Up to 21.7% *
Product warranty 12/15 years
Performance warranty 25 years
Type Monocrystalline
Quality range: Mid-range
*depending on panel dimensions

How much do Canadian Solar Panels Cost?

Canadian Solar offers a range of products, some more premium than others. But by and large they sit firmly in the mid range price category.

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Solar System Pricing

Estimated as of MArch 2023
Budget combo Mid-range combo Top-end combo
Price per watt $0.65 $0.85 $1.20
Price for a 6.6kW solar system* $4,290 $5,610 $7,920
Panel examples
JA Solar
Trina Solar
Inverter examples Growatt Sungrow Fronius

*Approximate price only, AUD retail incl. GST. Assumes pairing with a comparable quality inverter. Quoted price will vary depending on multiple factors, including your location, your home and its roof, available supply, installers etc. We recommend comparing quotes form 3 installers to get an accurate price for your individual situation.

If you’re wondering how Canadian Solar panels compare to the rest of the pack, Canadian Solar has reviews from homeowners who have put them to the test.

Their customer service and warranty in Australia is solid. Their panels are also efficient, with decent maximum efficiency ratings across the range.

In short, Canadian Solar is a good choice, being reliable and affordable. To get a better idea of the cost, try our Solar Panel Calculator. It’s a quick quiz that will help you figure out how many kilowatts of solar you need.

Or, get started by requesting 3 free quotes from qualified solar installers who can help plan and price your ideal setup.

CanadianSolar Solar Panel Warranty

When it comes to warranties, there are a couple of key things to keep in mind.

Can I trust my solar installer will resolve my claim?

Firstly, you want to make sure that the solar installer you choose will resolve any claims you have, easily. Be sure to:

  1. Check the installer has a solid track record of after-sales support and customer service.
  2. Ask for evidence of any additional warranties they offer, guarantees on their installation workmanship.
  3. Check whether they have a dedicated customer service team in Australia with a clear claims process. They’ll be your first point of contact if anything goes wrong, so choose wisely.

Secondly, make sure the manufacturers of your solar panels, such as Canadian Solar AND inverter manufacturer have a physical presence in Australia. This gives you peace of mind that you can reach out to them if something goes wrong, even if your installer is no longer in business. Aim for manufacturers with a long history of doing business in Australia, rather than newer ones that may not be around for long.

If you’re feeling unsure, consider requesting 3 free quotes from us. We’ll match you with CEC accredited solar providers so you can have a stress-free solar buying experience.

Canadian Solar panels warranty review. Pass or fail?

All of Canadian Solar’s panels come with limited warranties, including:

  • Product Warranty – materials and workmanship
  • Performance Warranty – guarantee on the efficiency of the panels as they age;

They also have a Melbourne office to help you with the claims process in case you need it.

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Canadian Solar panel warranty review:

Product Warranty12 – 25 years✅
Performance Warranty25 – 30 years✅
Australian PresenceMelbourne Office✅


All things considered, Australian buyers can rest easy when purchasing Canadian Solar panels.

FAQ - Canadian Solar Panels

Short answer? Yes. Canadian Solar is known for good quality solar panels at a decent price. They are considered a tier 1 solar panel manufacturer.

Canadian Solar’s range of solar panels advertise several advantages, including:

  • High solar panel efficiency (Canadian Solar has solar panels with up to 22% conversion rate, which is higher than the average)
  • Better hot spots and microcracks protection
  • Great performance in low-light conditions, and
  • A diverse product line.

Yes. Canadian Solar offers product and performance warranties of up to 25 and 30 years, respectively. This is a strong warranty. 

They have a physical office based in Melbourne, making them easy to get in touch with in the event that something goes wrong with your panels.

You can get in touch with Canadian Solar by filling out their contact form here.

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