Solar Panels Sydney

The benefits of having solar panels in Sydney:

Contribute to Sydney, help the planet, grow your savings.

Maybe not in that order – we all have different priorities (some people choose to support GWS over a good team, for example) — but all three are guaranteed when you choose solar. 

Every hour, more solar energy hits the earth than all of humanity needs for an entire year. That’s a whole lot of rays. Just think, if Bondi was packed with solar panels rather than tanned bodies, Sydney would be well on its way to being fully powered by the sun!

Sydney has the highest uptake of solar out of any Australian capital!

When it comes to purchasing a solar system Sydney residents have a lot of advantages available to them that other capital cities don’t. That’s because for many areas of Sydney solar and batteries are subsidised by the NSW Government.

Interest-free loans and free solar systems for Sydney’s low-income households are among several initiatives available to make getting solar panels in Sydney more affordable.

If you want solar panels Sydney is a great place to install it! You’ll be able to:

🌞 Grow your savings — use our solar savings calculator and witness how much you can save by having your own solar system. Many Sydney households have reduced their bill by up to 80%, with some even being in credit!

🌞 Support Sydney — contribute to a sustainable, ethical and growing solar energy sector responsible for 1000’s of local NSW jobs.

🌞 Help the planet — getting rooftop solar panels in Sydney could prevent 100 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide over the next 30 years.

So, what’s holding you back? 

Get three free quotes for your solar panels in Sydney and make the switch today!

Or read on for insider tips on getting solar panels Sydney buyers need to know.

Steps to getting solar Sydney buyers need to follow

Getting for solar Sydney residents is a lot like the rest of Australia:

Step 1: Calculate your system size
Step 2: Line up some quality quotes and compare
Step 3: Choose which quote you like best and organise your install

Sydney solar and batteries: State incentives

Every Sydneysider is able to access the Federal Government STC rebate to help cover the cost of a solar system. That’s great, but there are also a few additional State Government incentives we’ve covered below.

Solar Systems in Sydney for Low Income Households

To support the community, the NSW State Government is offering residents in eligible areas of Sydney and other parts of NSW solar and battery systems (3kW) for free! If you qualify for this initiative, you could save up to $600 on your power bill every year with no upfront cost to you – that’s twice as much as the current annual Low Income Household Rebate!

Interest-free Loan for Sydney Solar and Batteries

For eligible postcodes in Sydney, solar and batteries can be installed and paid for with interest-free loans of up to $14,000. These interest-free loans (up to $9,000 for retrofitted battery systems and $14,000 for solar plus battery systems) give Sydney residents a foot in the door to cheaper, cleaner and more self-sufficient ways of living.

Suburbs in western Sydney are baking hot and often 10*C hotter than than those on the coast. Many residents get solar to escape the heat and run their aircon all day without the cost.

Calculate the STC rebate for solar systems in Sydney

If you want to install solar in Sydney, you are eligible for the Federal Government’s STC Solar Incentives:

As an example, the number of STCs available to 6.6kW solar systems in Sydney is scheduled to decrease from 100 in 2020 to just 9 in 2030, with the scheme ceasing completely in 2031. This incentivises the adoption of solar systems in Sydney, with earlier adopters getting a bigger upfront discount, and thus likely, paying off their solar system faster.

For a simple way of calculating how many STCs will be awarded to you, use this formula:

As an example, if you’re planning on installing your solar panels in Sydney in 2022, then your calculation would look like this.

FAQs: The questions about solar panels Sydney residents need to know

No. The NSW government is paving the way for solar power adoption and has removed the red tape for households looking to install solar systems in Sydney and other areas of NSW.

Currently, industry leaders like SunPower and Canadian Solar supply great quality solar panels in Sydney. Depending on your exact needs however, there are many brands to choose from which would still be suitable. We encourage you to get 3 free solar quotes from our experts and find out what’s best for you.

Typically between $4,000 and $8,000 . This pricing range is based on the solar system being 6.6kW – the average size of a solar system in Sydney currently. Other factors that may affect your quote include your roof type, how many storeys your house has and if you have single or three-phase power.

Click here to check out our deepdive on solar panel pricing in Australia.

Sydneysiders like to play it fast and they like to play it loose. It’s part of what makes this city so great!

But that’s not something you want to be doing when purchasing your solar system in Sydney. Make sure you’re installer is:

  • an CEC Approved Installer (run if they aren’t!)
  • is clear about their workmanship warranties
  • installing panels and an inverter that are inline with the Federal Government’s STC requirements

Ready for solar panels, Sydney?

From saving the environment and growing your savings, to contributing to local jobs and harnessing the power of Sydney’s endless sunny days – what’s not to love about solar? 

Get 3 free solar quotes today and don’t waste any more of the sun’s rays. 

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