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LONGI Solar Panels Review

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LONGI Key Facts:


Xi’an, China

Where are LONGi solar panels made?


What year was LONGi founded?


What year did LONGi enter the Australian market?


Does LONGi have an Australian presence?

Australian head office is located in North Sydney, NSW.

LONGi fact:

LONGi is a member of the “Silicon Module Super League” – a small group of companies that handle most of the world’s solar panel production.

LONGi Solar Panels Range Review

LONGi are one of the fastest growing solar manufacturers in the industry, but how do their panels perform?

We’ve collected all the info you need right here to make your solar decisions as easy as pie.

LONGi offers Hi-MO 5m and Hi-MO 4m panels for residential customers.

NOTE: Don’t get these confused with the Hi-MO 5 and Hi-MO 4 series (notice the lack of the ‘m’) as these panels are more intended for commercial solar farms and grid scale projects.

Ready? Let’s learn about LONGi solar panels…

Hi-MO 4m Series

The Hi-MO 4m series is all about being modular and comes in 3 different size options. Their 60-cell, 66-cell, and 72-cell format panels are all the same width, allowing them to be mixed and matched.

This flexibility can help maximise install capacity by making full use of your roof, so they are a good option if you have limited roof space.

Gallium doped silicon helps reduce performance degradation across the panel’s lifetime. And a half-cut design helps if your roof is shaded for part of the day (although there are other options, like quarter cut panels and inverters specially designed to address shading issues also).

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LONGI Solar Panels: Review and Specs

Range name

Hi-MO 4m Series

Power rating*

375 – 460W*


Up to 21.2%*

Product warranty

12 years 

Performance warranty

25 years



Price / Quality range: 


*depending on panel dimensions

Hi-MO 5m Series

Everything the Hi-Mo 4m does the Hi-MO 5m does that little bit better.

While LONGi neglected to make the jump to using N-type cells for this more performance focussed range of panels, efficiency is still boosted to a pretty decent max of 21.8%.

All black options are available, but what’s really worth your attention is the 25 year product warranty that the Hi-MO 5m flaunts.

That’s a strong warranty.

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LONGI Solar Panels: Review and Specs

Range name

Hi-MO 5m Series

Power rating*

400 – 560W*


Up to 21.8%*

Product warranty

25 years

Performance warranty

25 years



Price range: 


*depending on panel dimensions

How much do LONGi Solar Panels Cost?

LONGi story short (see what we did there) LONGi solar panels are going to appeal to Aussies who are after a mid-budget panel. They offer solid, reliable panels at a fair price.

If you’re after bottom dollar panels look elsewhere, but, at the same time, you shouldn’t need to take out a second mortgage to afford a LONGi system.

Remember, you might save upfront with cheaper panels, but they may not deliver you the long term savings a higher quality panel can.

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Solar System Pricing

Estimated as of March 2023
Budget combo Mid-range combo Top-end combo
Price per watt $0.65 $0.85 $1.20
Price for a 6.6kW solar system* $4,290 $5,610 $7,920
Panel examples
JA Solar
Trina Solar
Inverter examples Growatt Sungrow Fronius

*Approximate price only, AUD retail incl. GST. Assumes pairing with a comparable quality inverter. Quoted price will vary depending on multiple factors, including your location, your home and its roof, available supply, installers etc. We recommend comparing quotes form 3 installers to get an accurate price for your individual situation.

LONGi solar panels have received great reviews from customers who praise them for striking a great balance between features and affordability.

Their 12 year product warranty on the Hi-MO 4m Series is definitely not top tier, so if that’s important to you, take a look at other options, or opt for the LONGi Hi-MO 5m Series instead.

If you want to get a rough idea how much a system with LONGi panels will cost you, then checkout our Solar Panel Calculator.

It will help you figure out how much solar you’ll need for your home so you can do your own sums to figure out rough pricing.

If you want an accurate quote for what a solar system will cost for your home, request 3 free quotes from our network of trusted installers across Australia.

They’ll give you clarity on products, expected savings to your electricity bills, and upfront price to install your solar system.

LONGi Solar Panel Warranty

There are two main things you want to ask yourself when it comes to warranties…

Can I trust my solar installer will resolve my claim?

Consider the following factors when evaluating warranties:

  1. The dependability of your solar professional should be a top priority. Check their reputation for after-sales assistance and customer care, just in case you need their help in the future.
  2. Investigate additional warranties they might offer, such as workmanship guarantees
  3. Ensure that your solar provider has an Australian customer support team with an easy-to-follow claims process.
  4. Check your inverter and panel manufacturers (they will likely be different companies) have a legitimate office in Australia with people on the ground here.
  5. For better service, choose a company with a longer history in Australia.
At Solar Market we provide both education on buying a solar system and help you get 3 FREE solar quotes from CEC-accredited installers, with NO OBLIGATION TO BUY.
Relax, knowing that your solar system is in capable hands.
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LONGi solar panel warranty review:

Product Warranty12 – 25 years✅
Performance Warranty25 years✅
Australian PresenceNorth Sydney Office✅


LONGi have put all the right pieces into place to ensure that you don’t have to worry long-term about your panels. 

FAQ - LONGi Solar Panels

LONGi solar panels are a good mid range option, but don’t expect them to blow your mind in terms of efficiency and performance. They’re a good option if you’re looking for a solar system that’s not too expensive upfront.

They’re a tier 1 solar panel manufacturer who have deep roots in the solar industry. They don’t look like they’re going anywhere any time soon.

It’s not bad! With a 12 year product warranty (this should be your baseline) and up to 30 year performance warranty (this is great), LONGi makes claims easy by having an Australian office in North Sydney.

Here are LONGi’s Australian contact details:

Suite 17.02

570 George Street,

Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

1800 328 888

You can also get in touch with LONGi by filling out their contact form here.

Get Quotes for LONGi Solar Panels Now!

That is the lowdown on LONGi solar panels. 

Your location, roof and needs also contribute to how much solar will cost you, so get at least 3 solar quotes to compare and go from there.

We make life easy for you by getting you 3 FREE quotes from reputed installers operating in your area.

You can also download our Ultimate Guide to Buying Solar in Australia to help you on your solar buying journey. .


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