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What Customers Are Saying About Solar Market

Very quick response.

We are very happy with the companies that quoted us for our new solar system. Thanks very much Solar Market!

Ivan | 27 July 2021

I was happy with Solar Market’s service.

I didn’t have a problem with Solar Market but there was one dealer that was over the top and very pushy at trying to get the job that I had to pull him up on two occasions because of his very hard sell.

Clint Price | 24 July 2021

I was able to get 4 quotes.

I was happy with my quotes and am going with one of them.

Harold | 23 July 2021

Worked well.

Three suppliers contacted me and we are processing the quotes. Saved me time. I would recommend.

Gordon | 20 July 2021

The site is another way to get quotes.

I found it very effective. The respondents were prompt and informative enabling us to come to a decision in a very competitive market.

Neil Bryant | 17 July 2021

Pleasant quotation experience.

Very knowledgeable info from Solar Market. The process to date has been very quick, installation due this week. Thanks.

Philip Cornish | 8 July 2021

Had a good offer from eastern state company.

One installer wanted to install a system greater than I wanted… Then I received a call from local installer who was happy to go with my idea and I am very happy with his suggestion.

Rex Lee | 5 July 2021

I requested a quote for a 6.6kW system.

I received 3 quotes within a couple of days. The quotes varied and appears the quality is all round excellent. I eventually settled for 1 installer as it matched my requirements best. Thank you for the introduction to these dealers.

Denis Chard | 1 July 2021

The solar installer I chose was quick.

Quick, efficient and personable!

Barry Donnan | 25 June 2021

I am very excited about this setup.

I am looking forward to generating my own electricity, and selling power back to the grid. The group I went with explained everything I needed to know.

David John Knowles | 17 June 2021

A good decision to use this site.

We got what we were after, the installer was friendly, knowledgeable, and most importantly, did not go for the hard sell.

Raymond Edwards | 11 June 2021

It was easy to get the 3 quotes.

I have been in contact and had my questions answered, looking forward to moving ahead.

Linda Lundberg | 9 June 2021

I liked the very prompt service.


Scott Leslie | 6 June 2021

The staff were helpful and did follow up.

Suppliers were prompt in contacting me and giving quotes. We have chosen a local supplier because of call backs.

Tony | 2 June 2021

Reliable and efficient service.

I received my quotes in a timely manner. Two of the three were very good and took great time to understand my needs and provide an informed quote, although one of these was a Melbourne based company with Melbourne based installers and I live in country Victoria. The third quote was also from a company based in Melbourne who didn’t really take the time to discuss my needs and provided a quote that seemed too good to be true i.e. way cheaper than the others – most likely using old, outdated stock. Ultimately though, I went with the local provider as suggested by Solar Market who has so far provided great service.

Chris | 28 May 2021


Received 3 quotes very quickly

I also got some extra myself. However I chose one of the retailers that contacted me via Solar Market. Happy with install.

Jim | 28 May 2021


Solar Market review

Solar Market initiated my search for a suitable domestic rooftop solar system for my home. They selected three suppliers that offerred products in their respective proposals / quotations that appeared to be similar and created a situation where it was hard to differentiate any ony supplier over the other. In the end I went on price as one supplied who had beed recommended to me by a family member was substantially cheaper and the family member has had a successfull experience with this supplier to date.

Bernie Heron | 21 May 2021


Still waiting on another quote

Still waiting on another quote on Tuesday but we got a few replies and they responded quickly.

Danny | 15 May 2021


Plenty of helpful information available

So much info on their website. The requested quotes came through within 2 days from three companies as stated.

James | 15 May 2021


It is difficult to weed out the shanks

Difficult to tell the shanks from the honest providers of solar systems these days. I received 3 nominations and I researched each one and made the decision to buy from one of these. I will know if I made the right decision after the system is installed.

John Ernst | 14 May 2021


You provided me with more than enough.

I received my 3 quotations and they were brilliant.

Ndhlovu | 12 May 2021


Very helpful website

Did what they said they would do, whilst at the same time taking into consideration my wishes and preferences. A pleasing aspect of this form of marketing. Thank you.

Chris McKenna | 8 May 2021


Clear and precise

Solar panel installation was smooth and easy. From day one the installer explained the system, how it works, the costs and the installation expectation which was smooth & efficient. No sooner than agreeing the solar panels were installed and I am very happy with the result.

Rix | 7 May 2021


Great site

Within literally minutes of asking for solar quotes, 3 solar suppliers called and arranged an inspection time. Surprising, but a wonderful surprise. True to word.

Rix | 7 May 2021


Great company

I did not meet the criteria but the company was excellent service.

Rix | 7 May 2021


A very helpful service

I found this service quick and easy to use. The responses were almost immediate! We did get bombarded though with many offers, however it was great to make comparisons.

Julie | 5 May 2021


Quick quotes

The quotes were quick and well received. The follow ups from some of the quotes were a little overwhelming at times.

George | 30 April 2021


Delivered what they promised

Service was fast, free and got me my 3 quotes.

Rick | 28 April 2021


Helpful customer service

10/10, I ended up going with the quote from interactive solar.

George | 23 April 2021


Got responses almost immediately

Very friendly, patient and knowledgeable staff.

Brenda | 22 April 2021


Excellent response

Prompt and professional.

WIlliam | 20 April 2021


Awesome service!

Quick with their response and the follow up to ensure the companies have responded is awesome. Great service – thank you and have saved over $5000 from the first quote we did on our own.

Lindy | 19 April 2021


Great way to find the right company

Received 3 quotes and made a good choice.

Maree | 17 April 2021


A great service

I was contacted by three providers within 24hrs. Received quotes and made an informal decision. Solar system was fitted within the next week. A good experience.

Bert | 17 April 2021



2 companies (the cheaper quotes) were from Eastern States and the sales men were very hard to understand as they had very heavy accents. The company I went for is a local company and have been in business for a few years. The salesman was extremely helpful and very quick to respond to follow up queries.

Kathie | 14 April 2021


Haven’t decided yet

I haven’t decided yet which company I will go with but they all provide good information and quotations. The quotes are very different depending which panel and inverter they use. It is from $3,600-$4,700 for a 6.6kw system. Talk through emails and messages including an image of my roof where they will install solar panels. It was pretty impressive. Unfortunately we haven’t got enough space on the north facing roof because the existing pool solar mats.

Lisa | 8 April 2021


It pays to shop around

I had already verbally accepted a quote for a 6kw solar system from one of the large energy suppliers (the quotation engineer was extremely knowledgeable and helpful) however Solar Market arranged for three independent specialist solar installers to contact me. After discussing the in’s and out’s of the most suitable system we eventually settled on a Gold Coast based company that helped me enormously. We ended up with a more suitable 10kw system with superior inverter and solar panels, as well as a guaranteed installation cost. All in all, an excellent experience!

Eric | 8 April 2021


I needed help to decide on solar power

Prompt service with 3 quotes. TDG Solar phoned at noon and arrived at 1pm. Lovely man explained and gave me a photo of panels on my roof. Very happy with service and price. 2nd Sunboost, an hard to understand salesman that was by phone only. 3rd Sungain was email only and no 2 and 3 the same price cheaper than no 1. My inverter has stopped working and I am able to access a new one from my son who will install and is a Electrician. When I need to buy will go with TDG Solar as he took the time to come and explain. Thank You for the 3 quotes. Regards Jenny.

Jenny | 3 April 2021


Solar Market provided me with three suppliers

Their quotes were forthcoming in less than a week. These combined with my research on solar panels, inverters and product reviews gave me a much better-informed idea on my product choices.

Wayne | 29 March 2021


I received all my solar quotes

All solar quotes came as requested.

Bruce | 28 March 2021


Very happy with this service

I received 3 responses within 36 hours and have made a selection to install my solar.

Heather | 28 March 2021


I have nothing but the best opinions

Fantastic service and all done on the highest professional manner.

Peter | 26 March 2021


Good experience

It was an interesting and good experience. Contacts were all efficient and knew their products. Just do not look at price only, consider quality of equipment offered, warranties, maintenance back-up, location of offices, efficiencies of assembly proposed. The more questions you ask, the more comfortable you become with your final decision.

Ron | 26 March 2021


Lots of quotes received


Ray | 26 March 2021


Your response was very good

Thank you, many companies replied to my needs.

Geoffrey | 25 March 2021


Well done Solar Market

I received 3 very competitive quotes. I researched the actual products and found all of good quality for Western Australia. Very difficult to differentiate between the three so it came down to price and professionalism with quote presentation. Whilst two were extremely reasonable with pricing and offer of service, the successful company provided all their business certificates and provided a roof plan on where the panels would be installed in addition to a savings analysis chart. I was still impressed however, with all three companies directed to me by Solar Market.

Michael | 17 March 2021


I was very happy

I was very happy with the speed of receiving 3 quotations. From there on it was up to me to choose the installer which i did by serching internet on equipment performance and certified providers/installers. It took not more than 5 days from signing a contract to obtaining all goverment grants and having system installed. I was particularly impressed by the vic government site where i applied and got all answers on rebates within 20 minutes. Currently waiting for a final inspection before the system becomes fully operational. Well done.

Ivo | 13 March 2021



A comprehensive presentation that was first quality.

Ivan | 11 March 2021


All good your end

I have not yet moved into the house yet so I have not dealt directly with the solar companies.

David | 10 March 2021


Solar Market took the guesswork out of the process

Took the guesswork out of sifting through the Good and the Bad Solar Companies. I had specific requirements and Solar Market delivered the best companies for my needs. I would highly recommend anyone to use Solar Market for all Solar requirements.

Sharon | 10 March 2021


It gives you comparisons in a nice way


Azhar | 7 March 2021


Solar is new to me

However both the representatives that I saw, one from Sunrise and one from Solar professionals made the process easy to understand and easy to decide.

Tanla | 5 March 2021


Got three quick referrals

Fast and simple.

Peter | 3 March 2021


The quotes came very soon

All were provided in a professional manner with itemised costs.

Bernard | 3 March 2021


All good!

Helpful info and able to receive appropriate quotes.

Angus | 24 February 2021


Access product knowledge

Solar Market allowed me to access product knowledge and technical information which allowed me to make a more informed choice re solar installation.

Colin | 22 February 2021


Very quick and professional


DT | 18 February 2021


Good service

I requested three quotes and the first two companies were both quick and accommodating. The third business called but did not make the appointment which was disappointing.

David | 18 February 2021


Your service is excellent

I have received all my quotes and they are all good.

Jan | 15 February 2021


My search for solar panels

Within a day I was contacted by one adviser who later came home to explain what he was offering and at what price – next day he sent me an email with the most detailed and informative quote I have received. The other two contacted me the following day but I did not feel their ensuing presentation were up to the standard of the first. Nonetheless, they all contributed in inspiring me to make an educated decision on which system to purchase.

Orlando | 7 February 2021


They are very good

The process is very simple and understandable.

Neruda | 6 February 2021


Quick and Easy

Got my first call within a few hours.

ED | 2 February 2021


Excellent recommendations

And the follow up was great too

Michael Bethune | 31 Jan 2021


Was a quick way to get some quotes

However be prepared for some pushy installers bagging out the competition. All comes down to choosing what you think is best but definitely using Solar Market helped a lot!

Steve Ward | 31 Jan 2021


The quotes were quick and the sales department friendly

These companies are screened by Solar Market. I have selected a company and progressing. So far so good, thank you Solar Market.

Andy Withers | 29 Jan 2021


Great way to get the best price

Thank you!

Jack Psaila | 13 Jan 2021



A great help

Steve Brown | 13 Jan 2021


I was contacted by all 3 companies

After receiving quotes from all 3 companies, I decided to sign up with one. Easy process.

DT | 28 December 2020


Good Recommendations

Good follow up and recommendations from all 3 companies.

Annamaria De Feo | 20 December 2020


Prompt and efficient responses

Received immediate responses from 3 companies. All were friendly and professional in their responses. A very helpful service.

Henk Eijkman | 18 December 2020


Great Service

I had 3 local companies call me within 24 hours and give me quotes on solar systems. I recommend using this service.

Michelle Murrell | 16 December 2020


Very helpful

I found the company very helpful in my dealings. No pressure at all.

Robin Jefferies | 16 December 2020


Good site

Very helpful service.

Neal Hennessey | 14 December 2020


Contacted within 24 hours

The first company called me within 24 hours. The company was very proactive as I was obtaining further quotes. The second company gave me a quote by viewing the property on the new. The gentleman was very helpful with his advice. The third company was able to satisfy my needs fully. He was able to get me an inverter and panels not made in China, at a competitive price. My solar will be installed before Christmas.

Terrence Charles | 6 December 2020


Prompt and easy

Unfortunately, I only received 2 quotes, not 3. One was from Solarboost in Sydney and one was from MELC in Perth. I live in Perth. The Solarboost quote was not as good, as it was mainly a salesman on the phone pushing their preferred system, and not giving me much information. However, MLEC were much better. I have ordered a system from them. They offered me 3 levels of system, explained the systems to me, and sent an installer our to visit the site to confirm the details.

Jesse Searls | 4 December 2020


It worked well

Solar Market was quick at getting different companies to provide me with quotes for my new solar panels.

Mark | 3 December 2020


Happy with the service

I only had one installer contact me but I was very happy with their service.

Timothy John Misson | 3 December 2020


I got good information

I got a good cross section of interested parties who were helpful and talked me through the options. I purchased from one of them.

Ross Berry | 2 December 2020


Great service

Great service from Solar Market.

Ali | 29 November 2020


I Received 3 answers

I received 3 answers from my application. The companies gave me a quote and I was able to pick one which suited me. I would use this method to find other tradesmen in the future.

Ileen | 28 November 2020



No problem, I got 4 contacts within 24 hours and ended up doing a really good deal.

Gerry | 28 November 2020


Very helpful service

I was given options with no pressure or sales tactics, and they explained any queries I had.

Allan | 27 November 2020


My experience with solar market

It was a breeze and I didn’t realise it was so easy, within 48 hours I was contacted by a local installer who called and visited me. He had also applied for my rebate which was approved within 24 hours, I’m very happy with the service provided.

Anne | 27 November 2020


3 Solar Providers

Of the three solar providers, two attended my residence and gave very good advice, and provided a quote at that time. Both were very experienced in their knowledge and gave a wide selection of products for me to review. One provider just made a phone call investigation and did not give a quote. So, two were very good, and the decision I made was a difficult one as they were very similar in service and value. I have awarded a contract to the successful provider. Thank you for your efforts.

Tom | 22 November 2020


Seeking quotes for solar panels

We were impressed with the quick response from 3 companies to quote for us. However, although 2 provided good service in an appropriate manner, the third did all contact by phone and emails.

Ruth | 19 November 2020


Solar, good experience!

I received a quick response from local area suppliers, contractors who were at the top of their game. Each provided a personal presentation and left clear documents allowing me to reach a decision as to who I would use.

John | 17 November 2020


Helpful intro to solar

A helpful introduction to various solar contractors. Follow up was ok – but I didn’t get much time to review the various options. I was beginning to feel pressured by the contractors. We eventually settled on our favourite company and signed the contract.

William | 14 November 2020


The process was remarkably efficient

I was contacted by 2 local companies within days and I am currently examining their quotes having met with representatives of each. I have been well informed by each company and I am certain that our needs have been appropriately considered when the quotes were drawn up. Thank you for the service provided.

Dennis | 12 November 2020


They were fast

The companies contacted me promptly. They were all competitive quotes and I went with the one I felt suited my needs best. Thanks.

Tony | 1 November 2020


I got quotes very quickly

I decided not to proceed for other reasons, but the service from Solar Market was great.

Dipika | 31 October 2020


Excellent Service


Toni | 29 October 2020


Everyone was very helpful and friendly

A lot of information given. Some took longer than others to give me quotes but I received all 3.

Sanjee | 28 October 2020


Thank you for getting me my quote

Thank you for getting me my quote, it went well with a very upfront person and I got my rebate. It was great.

Janet | 19 October 2020


Worked as expected

I was contacted by a number of suppliers. The information of the site is also great for assisting in any decisions.

Alastair | 09 October 2020


Three companies replied to the request

All 3 companies that replied to the request for quotes were very nice and helpful. At the moment we are reading through the quotes, and will take one out of the 3.

Barry | 07 October 2020


Great Service

Solar Market were able to connect us with a number of solar providers who gave us a variety of quotes and system options. They were very helpful in our request for further quotes from providers. Overall would recommend Solar Market as a great way to access a lot of solar installers without the hassle of contacting them individually

Craig | 30 September 2020


Easy to Use!

Takes the trouble out of contacting solar installers, would absolutely recommend Solar Market

Scott | 23 September 2020


Fast Service

I was contacted very promptly by 3 suppliers after submitting my details

Alan | 21 September 2020


Great work and information!

Really satisfied with all the info I received and the regular email updates

Jan | 4 September 2020


Good Service

I was given 3 quotes from solar installers near me, pleased with the speed and quality of the service

Anonymous | 31 August 2020


Competitive Quotes

I was provided 3 free quotes for solar installation, all were very competitively priced.

Anonymous | 27 July 2020


Easy to Use Service

I received two prompt contacts from two Solar Providers. Both sales consultants were very obliging and provided very good information. In the end I selected a local provider in my area purely for the after sales service and the quality of materials required to do the overall install. Many Panels and Inverters are similar, but the overall experience gained with Solar Market was very interesting and I learnt a lot!

Colin | 22 July 2020


Easy to Use Service

Solar Market were easy to use and extremely helpful. I was able to compare quotes and talk to reputable companies about solar panels. They are an excellent service provider.

Nancy | 10 July 2020


Pretty Quick!

Within the 48 hours mentioned, I had one offer, in a few days I had all three. Overall, I did find a really good offer from a local company who were willing to travel to me.

Elke | 10 July 2020


Amazing service

I was amazed at how quick the response was to my query, which I submitted at night, within 12 hours I had received calls from 3 different suppliers and within 2 days I had rewritten quotes and a site visit.

Rob | 16 June 2020


It was so quick!

After I contacted solar market for 3 quotes the solar companies were so quick to contact me! I’m impressed.

Cliff | 15 June 2020


Getting a Great Quote

It’s hard getting a quote when you don’t understand fully how the industry work. My first 3 quotes gave me different prices and different brands. Because there are lots of brands available, it felt too difficult to decide. I did my research of every brand, panel and inverter that were quoted to me. Solar markets resources helped me a lot. Now I’ve decided on the system and hopefully this week I will close the contract.

Edna | 14 June 2020


This is a great place to start

Using Solar Market was a good way to start the process of investigating the solar market and comparing quotes in one place.

Julia | 14 June 2020


Why Choose Solar Market?

They relieved the headache of finding quotes, I received offers from various companies who were all prompt in service and answered all of my questions. Would highly recommend going through solar market to get quotes from suppliers, I did and it was easy to find a pleasant and experienced tradesman

Kerry | 5 June 2020


Quick & Efficient Service

I was linked to my local service providers, most contacted me in the next day and sent offers. Eventually, I did another request and almost simultaneously I was linked to more suppliers that were not in the list at the start. I’ve found what I wanted, I was contacted by the professionals from various scale companies and I had a proper introduction into different products, systems and purchase options. Thank you for your help Solar Market. Good work!

Vadim| 15 May 2020


Extremely helpful

I got a great deal on Solar Power. It was extremely helpful to have 3 suppliers contact me to give me quotes to compare, not just price wise, but also product wise.

Tammy | 2 April 2020


Excellent Advice for a Solar Novice

We are presently investigating the pros and cons of Solar Panels and Inverters prior to installing a Solar System . Solar Market has given great advice in helping us to make a considered decision in selecting a System that will suit our needs. Thanks for your help so far!

Alan | 2 April 2020


Very Efficient!

This was a very efficient way of finding businesses and getting them to send information for quotes (that were tailored to me). I am very impressed!

Joseph | 1 April 2020


Quick responses from reputable companies

I had a quick response from three companies. All seemed to have a good reputation, but the pandemic has, unfortunately, caused me to pause. Looking forward to installing solar soon, and I would be more then happy to look for quotes through this company again!

Amanda | 29 March 2020


Concise, jargon-light appraisal of industry and what’s on offer.

As an engineer I can see the background work / research that has gone in to the website and full marks for an impartial review and for communicating the messages to the time-pressured non-technical lay folks as well.

David | 29 March 2020


Very Helpful

I found a company which was very helpful with explaining what I really needed for my home, they didn’t charge too much and gave me all the info I needed.

Adrian | 26 March 2020


Fast & Efficient

This was a good way to get 3 quotes within a few days. The suppliers were most helpful, gave good advice and produced quotes for what I wanted. I went with one of them and the job was done very promptly and well.

Judith | 24 March 2020


Reliable and Affordable

We found an installer who was on time, could work within my budget and had no hidden chargers or overrun costs. We got 32 panels and 2 inverters installed on the same day, cannot recommend this service enough!

Anonymous | 20 March 2020



Very easy process to get solar quotes, would recommend this to anyone who is looking to move forward with installing solar panels on their property.

Jules | 18 March 2020


Happy With My Responses

Happy with all of the responses from the solar companies. All were willing to balance your energy needs with what you can afford.

Julie | 16 March 2020


Definitely Would Recommend

We had a quote within a day and were very happy with the service, definitely would recommend Solar Market! Thank you 😊

David | 11 March 2020


Very Helpful!

Solar Market was very helpful as 3 Solar Companies rang & I was able to get a price for our budget as we were upgrading. We ended up getting someone local from one of the 3 that rang. It just saves a lot of time ringing around for quotes. Yes I would recommend you give this company a go, it did save me a lot of time. The company we chose are doing the job right now!

Bronwyn | 6 March 2020


Pleasantly Surprised

Was surprised at how well this worked. At first I thought that it would just be another one of those marketing emails but I actually was pleased with the results & got some good quality quotes.

David | 5 March 2020


A complex task made simple

I received three viable connections within hours and all three contacts rang me within 24 hours. All agents promptly visited my home and provided detailed information and options to suit my situation. I entered into a contract with one of them within 3 days of contacting Solar Market.. So, it was a seamless and efficient way of gaining access to credible and well presented professionals – totally satisfied with the connections made via Solar Market.

Les| 3 March 2020


Easy as 1..2..3..

Easy process, I was provided with fantastic information as well as advice. I would use this service again.

Lou | 27 February 2020


Very Helpful Site

This site helped me navigate the confusing world of solar panel installations, thank you for the great quality information.

Anna | 27 February 2020


Thanks Heaps Solar Market

Very friendly and helpful. Was an easy process and solar market has very helpful information. Very positive experience.

Harold | 27 February 2020


Great Information & Quotes

Very Good sales people who knew their solar product well. Shared their solar education with me when needed. Nice to know that the companies were recommended & CEC accredited.

Catherine | 27 February 2020


Great Information & Quotes

Solar market got me in touch with a mix of large and small installers who all promptly got in touch with me & gave me quotes within the first week. I ended up choosing a smaller local installer who has already had a home visit, quoted and sorted finance. Just waiting for the install now which is booked in for a week and a half from now. Solar market has found some great installers and has awesome information about the solar market for beginners!

Ben | 26 February 2020


Excellent Service

We had prompt service from Solar Market & would recommend them to anyone 👍

Ace | 25 February 2020


Lots to Think About

Satisfactory quotes came through – now we have to make the decision over the coming weeks whether solar energy is right for our home or not. Thanks solar market for giving us quotes and information to think about!

Graham | 18 February 2020


Very very prompt

Received many quotes in a short period of time. This allowed us to make sure we are getting the best price as well as a better understanding of what the solar market has to offer.

Cedric | 13 February 2020


Learning About Solar

Lots of information provided by Solar Market to assist with making a choice. Retailers responded and provided quotes. It is a steep learning curve sifting through solar information. The quotes were appreciated and helped us learn more about the panels, how certain brands rate, costs, rebates, warranties, CEC approval – the many variables to consider when purchasing solar.

Bill | 8 February 2020


Thank You Solar Market

We asked for a quote and received three quotes from local and semi-local firms. All firms were very co-operative and supplied their quotes with no hassles. All were very informative with the supply and the working conditions of all types of panels and advised us about what wattage we would need to get the best results. We are very happy with the local firm recommended. They have also arranged for early installation. Thank you.

Philip | 8 February 2020


Very Organized

Solar Market organized quotes and asked if I wanted more, this was especially helpful since I don’t know a lot about solar energy. Appreciate the guidance.

Trevor | 7 February 2020


Loads of Information

Came across Solar Market whilst looking into a new Solar system. Found LOADS of good product, general information & reviews. Got 3 quotes from them and a few more off my own back and picked one from Solar Market. Very happy & they have a great website!

Adrian | 31 January 2020


Easy to use

It was so easy as all the suppliers contacted me as arranged and allowed me to gather information very fast.

Greg | 20 January 2020



The only company of its kind that does what is says it does! I received my quotes quickly and efficiently, the customer service was exceptional. Thank you Solar Market!

Liz | 20 January 2020


Very Informative Website

The Solar Market website is very informative with easy to understand solar information and guidelines. It certainly helped us in our decision process.

Ton | 17 January 2020


I found Solar Market Great!

I received 3 quotes very quickly and have chosen a very reputable company. Without Solar Market, I would probably still be scratching my head wondering where to begin.

Carolyn | 16 January 2020


A Blessing

Not knowing what a Solar Panel System involved, having a tool like Solar Market made it easy to make connections to professionals who could help my wife and myself. Within 24 hours I had 3 Solar Panel Providers contact me and within a day we organised to interview them at our house. Each Provider gave us an outline of what was involved in creating a Solar Panel System unique to our house. My wife and I gained clarity on the various Solar Panel options, the purpose and importance of an Inverter, and the optional choice of Battery Storage. The interview was made easy because Solar Market provided us with a Questionnaire to utilise that helped us understand the Providers qualifications and experiences, the critical questions needed for selecting Solar Panels, and the critical questions to ask for Batteries. We utilised the questionnaire to its fullest and it provided us with the kind of information and data required for us to go off and fine tune our investigations based on each Providers recommendations. We finally made a choice within a week and, my wife and I are confident in the decision we made. Thank you Solar Market!

Paul | 15 January 2020


The Easy Way

Solar market is the easy way around the tedious process of chasing installers and obtaining enough quotes. They helped me come to a decision on the best provider for me.

Stephen | 10 January 2020


So Easy!

So easy to get quotes and the response was very quick. Its an awesome service.

Peter | 9 January 2020


Great Price & Service

Communication was very good and the price was very competitive. Everyone we’ve dealt with has been friendly and professional. We signed up straight away. Keep up the good work.

Anthony | 7 January 2020


Brilliant and Quick Service

Brilliant service and quick responses from three solar power suppliers. Work was done quickly and very organised and efficient. Highly recommend this solar selection process.

Janet | 25 December 2019


Solar Professionals

With many questionable solar installers with tactics to close a deal at any price, it’s refreshing dealing with professionals who have excellent product knowledge & a no pressure sales strategy. I feel confident with my choice.

Robbie | 18 December 2019


The Easy Way

An easy way to find out what solar you really need for your home. Getting connected to 3 installers was simple.

Ian | 18 December 2019


3 Easy Quotes

Every one called me with their quotes, they were helpful and provided handy information about solar panels.

Darren | 18 December 2019


Helpful Site

I found the site very helpful and did get 3 good quotes from suppliers of Solar domestic systems.

G S| 13 December 2019


Quick and Easy!

Quick and easy. I received contact within 24 hours from 3 suppliers!

Robert | 11 December 2019


Solar Installation

Very happy with my solar panels, the installers did a good, clean and quick job. The process was so easy.

Neville | 5 December 2019


So Fast!

I was contacted by three companies very quickly and received 3 good quotes to compare.

Sigrid | 5 December 2019


Very Informative

I received 3 quotes and a very informative and detailed analysis of the solar system rebate and installation costs.

Ron | 4 December 2019


5 Star Service

I give solar market 5 stars; they did a great job! Quick to respond, professional and very knowledgeable.

Irena | 3 December 2019


Great Variety

Good variety of companies responded to my inquiry. The rating system and company information helped me make what an informed decision on which company best suited my needs.

Steve | 3 December 2019


Great service!

I received three quotes from companies that all have high online ratings within a week of using Solar Market. I couldn’t be happier with the service provided.

Nicole | 3 December 2019


Fantastic Service

Fantastic service. I had a phone call straight away and first quote within 10 minutes of registering for solar panels, it was so easy.

Pam | 24 November 2019


My Honest Opinion

Very prompt in finding and suggesting 3 quotes. The quotes that rang were extremely polite and knowledgeable and considered my needs.

Mr Mascarenhas| 24 November 2019


Very Helpful

It was very helpful, provided us with plenty of capable companies with good solar knowledge and trustworthy advice!

Brendan | 19 November 2019


Great source of information

The website was an excellent resource for information and an easy way to get quotes from reliable companies.

Toussaint | 18 November 2019


A Great Job

Great assistance throughout the complete process, always maintained contact and kept informed of any changes to scheduling. Installers were punctual, neat and tidy and completed the install with little fuss.

Mike | 12 November 2019


Professional, adaptable and informative

Professional, very helpful to be provided with solar guide. Prompt quoting companies. I hate phone calls and companies happy to communicate my way.

Beth | 11 November 2019


Excellent Service

Excellent service. I received 3 excellent quotes which made choosing solar panels easy.

Sharon | 7 November 2019


Solar Market Gets My Vote

Very efficient service with very helpful and polite admin staff.

We are surprised by the reasonable price of the equipment (including installation) from our preferred solar supplier. The rebates are generous and the interest-free loan over 4 years is quite manageable.

We are looking forward to reduced power bills in the years to come.

James | 8 November 2019


Good information

They have good knowledge about all thing’s solar panels, this made my purchasing decision easy.

Mick | 6 November 2019


Very Prompt & Easy

Solar market was prompt in getting solar companies to quote me and checking to see if they all called me.

The solar companies they quoted were easy to talk with.

Joe | 5 November 2019


Very quick response

Very fast response from solar companies interested in supplying panels and batteries.

Once we move into our new home at the end of the month, we will definitely use the suggested companies.

Ian | 5 November 2019


Adaptable and informative

It is very helpful to be provided with the solar guide as this gave me all the information I need.

They are a professional and prompt quoting company.

I hate phone calls and all solar companies were happy to communicate my way for my schedule.

Beth | 11 November 2019


The best part is we were put in contact with installers close to our area

We received phone calls from three installers within two hours of our request being made.

Each company’s representative sent full information via email within minutes. Any further questions we had were promptly dealt with.

The best part is we were put in contact with installers close to our area

Rob | 1 November 2019


Solar Market worked for me

Solar Market put me in touch with 3 installers.

I have since had my solar system installed by one of the companies and am very pleased with the quality, cost and workmanship.

Carole | 25 October 2019


Great service

I received calls from 3 solar suppliers/installers.

Very happy with the response from the companies. Thank you.

Marg | 24 October 2019


A great site to find useful and helpful information

A great site to find really useful and helpful information in regards to Solar Panels.

The Facebook page is also great and a good way to read articles and information that will help. Solar Market also help you to find responsible/hopefully honest operators that provide good service.

Make sure you read the information provided on the Solar Market site as it will help you to understand what you are getting for your money when you start talking to the installers/suppliers.

Cam | 5 October 2019


Quotes were sent in my specified time

Quotes were sent in my specified time and the solar companies provided helpful very advice.

Kathy | 25 September 2019


Solar Market responded immediately

Solar market responded immediately with good care and great customer service.

They connected me with 3 good solar system installers.

Henry | 18 September 2019


Very happy with this service

I was contacted by 3 companies within a few days.

Very happy with this service, I was able to lock in a proposal within a week!

Pat | 16 September 2019


A great way to get an understanding of the solar market

A great way to get an understanding and overview of the solar market. We have gone with one of the installers recommended to us.

Campbell | 15 September 2019


A great introduction to the market

A great introduction to the solar market and very helpful in getting us to a final quote.

Erik | 11 September 2019


Great to have some knowledge

Great to have some knowledge about the quality of equipment so you can compare solar products and different company’s quotes.

Also great to have recommendations on quality installers as compared to the ‘fly by night’ solar installation company we first dealt with a mere 9 years ago.

At least we are now covered by a warranty from a company that has been around for a considerable amount of time.

Michael | 7 September 2019


Great help when I knew nothing about solar

Great help when I knew nothing about solar panels, systems and inverters.

All the homework was done for me through providing my bill and house details to Solar Market.

Kristian | 13 August 2019


Excellent for busy people

We received three quotes from professional companies. All quoted and advised us on our needs.

We selected one and have placed our order. Tomorrow the install off our new solar system begins.

I highly recommend this method for getting quality solar quotes.

Ron | 7 August 2019


It was very helpful to have people come to us

It was very helpful to have people come to me with their solutions and educate me on what is available to start the process. It was a very good basis to start on.

Judith | 7 August 2019


We received three quotes as requested

Received three quotes as requested which allowed us to make an educated decision. By doing this we saved about $4000.

Great outcome for all.

Peter | 1 August 2019


I’m very impressed with the overall experience

Once I had sent my request to Solar Market for solar companies to contact me, everything was very quick and efficient.

The companies that contacted me were professional and very experienced in the industry. I’m very impressed with the overall experience and professional way things were handled.

It did not take long for me to choose a company that suited the needs to supply solar for my house. Thanks Solar Market.

Bill | 26 July 2019


Got some very good advice

Got some very good advice regarding solar power systems and very competitive pricing. Very prompt response from solar providers.

Daniel | 17 July 2019


Very helpful

Very helpful. Having the information from the website helped me ask the right questions, get the right answers and find the right product with the right provider. Thanks.

Beth | 12 July 2019


We received responses within hours

We asked for quotes for a solar power system and installation to cross check against an existing quote.

We received responses from two companies within hours and eventually chose to accept one of these new quotes which was substantially cheaper for a larger system.

A third company contacted us a day later, so we talked to three suppliers as promised.

Bob | 7 July 2019


Quotes were all very competitive

I enquired about solar and received calls from suppliers the next day.

The quotes were all very competitive and cheaper than other suppliers I had contacted separately.

Mark | 27 June 2019


Got all the quotes I needed to make a decision

Got all the quotes I needed to make a decision. The companies were very professional.

Looking forward to receiving my solar installation at the end of the month.

Robert | 14 June 2019


Service had providers contacting us

Service had solar providers contacting us within hours. Allowed us to make a comparison on equipment and services.

Have now gone ahead with one of the quotes and am happy.

Yvonne | 10 June 2019


Great tool that takes the work out of seeking solar quotes

Great tool that takes the work out of finding reputable companies to consider for solar quotes.

Brian | 8 June 2019


Solar Market is a great platform for quotes

Solar Market is a great platform when you are looking to install Solar energy for your house.

Contact them today, I did and I’m very happy I did. Cheers!

Terry | 3 June 2019


We received great responses from a lot of providers

We received great responses from a lot of solar providers. Now we have a huge range of options to choose from.

Donna | 23 May 2019


What a lovely surprise

What a lovely surprise and breath of fresh air this company is.

It was difficult decision to choose from the companies that contacted us as each one was of high standard, patient in explaining the concept of solar and the reason why they recommended certain products.

Angelique | 15 May 2019


Quick service

Quick service, simple to understand and the quotes were received in a timely manner from informative installers.

Keith | 8 May 2019


The advice we received was excellent

The advice we received was excellent. The waiting time for installation was brief. The installers were great.

Very happy with the result and hope to be on the grid in a short time. Happy customers.

John | 3 May 2019


Given us a good start

As a pensioner, funds are limited, and we needed help finding companies that will provide what we wanted.

Solar Market got us in touch with a few companies at no expense to us. It has given us a good start to find what we can afford.

Bart | 17 April 2019


Saved me researching companies and provided great information

Saved me researching companies and products. I received phone calls, visits and quotes from great reputable companies.

Will recommend.

Dianne | 1 April 2019


Was great to get contacts for solar

Was great to get contacts for the solar industry, being able to get multiple quotes, compare and receive information about which type of system is most suitable for our purpose.

Hermina | 31 March 2019


Solar market helped me to understand solar

Solar Market helped me to choose and understand solar systems!

Great website, I recommend it to everybody looking for solar panels.

Andrew | 18 March 2019


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Understanding Batteries

Off-Grid Systems

For some households a battery system can be of great benefit and minimise a home’s reliance on the grid. However, it’s important to understand for a battery to be useful your solar system needs to be generating excess energy for the battery to store, which you can then use at night or when the sun is not out.

When selecting a battery, you’ll want to invest in a system that is most suited to your home and can drive the best return on investment (ROI). Despite a larger upfront cost, a higher quality battery may significantly increase your ROI.

    Battery systems start from $6,000 and costs can vary greatly based on the following factors:

  1. Cycle Life-Time

    The number of times a battery can fully charge and discharge.

  2. Battery Power (kW)

    How fast it can be charged or discharged.

  3. Storage Capacity (kWh)

    The maximum amount of energy a battery system can store.

  4. Battery Management System (BMS)

    An electronic ‘smart’ system that gathers data and manages the battery ensuring it does not overload or operate outside of its safe functioning zone..

  5. Inverter

    Battery systems require their own inverter if your solar system does not have a hybrid inverter.

  6. 'All-In-One Unit’

    A system which includes the battery, BMS and an inverter all in one unit.

  7. Warranty

    Length of time or cycles the battery system is under guarantee.

  8. Blackout Protection/Backup

    It’s important to note this is not a common feature of a battery system and could cost thousands of dollars to include. Blackout protection not only requires additional components but also a specialised installation and rewiring. For grid-connected homes, the cost for blackout protection can outweigh the benefit.

Additionally, if your purpose for adding battery is to go Off-Grid and become completely independent from the grid you will need to ensure your solar system can generate enough energy to power your home and your battery system is large enough to store this energy. For homes in metro areas going Off-grid is not cost effective and is only recommended for those in remote areas with limited access to the grid. Off-grid solar systems with battery start at approximately $30,000.

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