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JA Solar Panels Review

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JA Solar Key Facts:

HeadquartersBeijing, China
Where are Jinko Solar panels made?China, Malaysia, and Vietnam.
What year was JA Solar founded?2005
Does Jinko Solar have an Australian presence?Head office is in Newcastle, NSW
JA Solar fact:In 2021 JA Solar announced a lifetime total of 73 gigawatts of solar panels shipped.


JA Solar Panel Range Review

We’ve put together this JA Solar panel review so you can get across this reliable and cost effective brand. Boasting good performance and tried and tested cell technology, JA Solar are a ‘Tier 1’ solar manufacturer

So let’s deep dive JA Solar panels, review the different panels they offer, put their warranties under the microscope, and see if you should think about purchasing them as part of your system.

MBB Half-cell Module

Half-cut solar cells, like those used in JA Solar’s MBB series, make the panels more effective at dealing with moderate shade.

In addition, they generally allow for higher cell-output, better temperature-dependent performance and reduced risk of hot spotting.

That’s the technical stuff covered, but what does the public think of these JA Solar panels? Reviews from Australian consumers are by and large glowing for the MBB Half-cell module.

They come with a strong 25 year performance warranty and offer good efficiency for those trying to stick to a more modest budget.

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JA Solar Panels: Review and Spec

 MBB Half-cell Module
Power Rating340 – 470W*
EfficiencyUp to 20.8%
Product Warranty12 year product warranty
Performance Warranty25 year performance warranty
Price RangeBudget

*depending on panel dimensions

MBB Bifacial PERC Half-cell Double Glass Module

JA Solar also offers a range of bifacial panels.

Not sure what that means? Then let’s get you up to speed! 

A standard solar panel only collects light from a single side. The front.

When a solar panel is bifacial it means it can collect light from TWO sides, both the front and back.

Bifacial solar panels have the potential to generate more electricity than a conventional panel, but only if there’s enough reflected light making it to the back side of the panel.

Most rooftop systems panels are laid almost flat with the roof sheet / tiles, meaning the underside of the panel is more than likely going to be completely shaded. 

This makes bifacial panels pretty much pointless for most home systems.

It’s usually only on ground mounted systems where bifacial panels start to make sense, hence their popularity for commercial projects and solar farms.

Bifacial solar panels need enough reflective light making it to the back of the panel to justify their installation.

JA Solar’s bifacial panels review well, their technology is sound and they come with a 30 year performance warranty. Just make sure when you get solar quotes your installer designs a system that has the tilt / height needed to expose the back surface of these panels.

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JA Solar Panels: Review and Spec

 MBB Bifacial PERC Half-cell Double Glass Module
Power Rating340 – 470W*
EfficiencyUp to 20.9%
Product Warranty12 year product warranty
Performance Warranty30 year performance warranty
Price RangeBudget

*depending on panel dimensions

How Much Do JA Solar Panels Cost?

Here you can see how JA Solar panels compare against other options in the market:

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Solar System Pricing

Estimated as of March 2023
Budget combo Mid-range combo Top-end combo
Price per watt $0.65 $0.85 $1.20
Price for a 6.6kW solar system* $4,290 $5,610 $7,920
Panel examples
JA Solar
Trina Solar
Inverter examples Growatt Sungrow Fronius
*Approximate price only, AUD retail incl. GST. Assumes pairing with a comparable quality inverter. Quoted price will vary depending on multiple factors, including your location, your home and its roof, available supply, installers etc. We recommend comparing quotes form 3 installers to get an accurate price for your individual situation.

JA Solar panels are generally a more affordable option, but are backed by good tech and guarantees.

If you’re interested in JA solar panels, review your system sizing needs with our Solar Panel Calculator.

Or if you’ve read enough of our JA Solar panel review and are ready for quotes, click below!

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JA Solar Panel Warranty

Now we get to the most important part of our JA Solar panel review, the warranty.

Before you purchase your solar panels the first thing you need to ask yourself…

Does your solar retailer offer their own warranty?

Your installer is responsible for carrying out any repair/claim on your system, so long that claim is within the terms of your product/performance warranty.

Choose an installer with proven after-installation customer support and always ask them to confirm:

  • Any additional warranties they provide on the products they’re quoting;
  • Any guarantees they place on their workmanship and installation;
  • They have a customer support team in Australia and how to contact them; and
  • What their warranty claim process is and how you can get in touch with them if you need.

Check out our simple Guide To Choosing the Right Solar Installer for more tips or get 3 free quotes from CEC certified installers now.

Can I trust the panel manufacturer?

With solar panels, make sure the manufacturer offers:

  1. A robust warranty (both product and performance)
  2. A longstanding Australian presence. 

Product warranty vs Performance warranty

Solar panels come with both a product warranty and a performance warranty.  Look for a minimum of 12 and 25 years on each respectively.

Does the manufacturer have an Australian presence? 

For whatever reason you can’t resolve your warranty claim through your installer you’re going to be stuck dealing directly with the manufacturer. A dedicated customer service office in Australia is going to make this process significantly easier (trust us!).

Does your JA Solar Panel Review compare?

Below is our final JA Solar panel warranty review. Australians should be happy to see JA Solar ticks all boxes.

Product Warranty

12 years


Performance Warranty

25 years or 30 years (depending on panel model type)


Australian Presence

Office located in Newcastle, Sydney


Additional Info

Dedicated online service portal available through the JA Solar website

JA Solar Panel - FAQs

JA solar panel reviews are commonly very positive and they’ve been around for 17 years, a long time in the solar game.

Their panels are on CEC’s approved module list, a must in order to claim your rebate.

All JA Solar panels come with an industry-standard 12 year product warranty, as well as a 25 or 30 year performance warranty, depending on the model. Refer to our JA Solar panel range reviews above for further information. 

JA Solar has an office located in Newcastle, Sydney. Their contact details are below:

JA Solar Australia Pty Ltd

Address: C -PKF Newcastle,755 Hunter Street,Newcastle West NSW 2302

Sales: +61 (0) 401 544 609

Customer service: 02 8328 0488


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