Founded in 1981, SMA Solar Technology (SMA) is a renowned German manufacturer for solar inverters. Known for their residential, commercial and utility-scale grid-tie and off-grid systems, SMA has become a household name.

During a decision to move manufacturing processes to China in 2017, SMA took a reputational nose dive. As a fall out, the popularity of their new single-phase converter the “Sunny Boy” was jeopardised. In 2019, the decision was made to relocate manufacturing back to Germany, and as a result, the Sunny inverters and TS4-R module optimisers are now the number one pick for Australian solar users.

Most Popular SMA Solar Technology ProductsPhotovoltaic System Technology - SMA

Sunny Boy Solar Inverters

Even though the Sunny Boy had a slow start in the solar market, the residential single phase inverter has now been rated as one of the best quality single-string inverters around the world.

Similar to most inverters nowadays, the Sunny Boy model is monitored and managed using wifi and Bluetooth technology instead of an external display.

The current AV range is available from 3.0kW up to 6.0kW. However, it is also available in lightweight versions that range from 1.5kW, 2.0kW and 2.5kW. 

The Sunny Tripower Solar Inverters

SMA has a 3 phase version of Sunny Boy called The Sunny Tripower which is effective for both residential and commercial installations. The new compact efficient package is 8.0kW and 10.0kW. If you are looking for larger commercial systems the old SMA Sunny Tripower is still available in 15000TL, 20000TL and 25000TL versions. 

Similar to the Sunny Boy model, the Sunny Tripower is also available in a lightweight range – starting at 3.0kW system and extending up to a 6.0kW system.

The main difference between the Sunny Boy and the Sunny Tripower is that the Sunny Tripower comes in a deep blue colour while the Sunny Boy is bright red. 

Sunny Tripower Core 1 Solar Inverters

An award winning inverter that has cemented SMA’s success with the commercial solar space is the 50kW Sunny Tripower Core 1.

It is said to be the “world’s first free-standing string inverter” which means it can be fixed to the ground, or roof, rather than onto a wall. It features 6 MPPT inputs and has a very competitive price point for the small to medium commercial market. 

Sunny Highpower PEAK 3 Solar InvertersSolar Panels

SMA also released a 150KW inverter named Sunny Highpower PEAK 3. It is popular for large scale power plants operating up to 1500V DC. 

What Sets SMA Solar Inverters Apart:

  • SMA features Sunny Portal which is a free cloud-based monitoring platform. This provides a great monitoring interface for the performance of the solar system.
  • SMA is partnering with TIGO which develops a product used for panel level monitoring.
  • They have a variety of products for commercial installation which can cater even a large scale system.

What Should You Do?

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