SunPower Solar Panels Review – Are They The Right Choice?


If you’re considering SunPower solar panels for your home, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind first.

SunPower started in 1985 and are now considered to be one of the top-10 solar panel brands in the world.

They claim their cell technology produces the world’s highest efficiency solar panels.

Compared to other technologies, SunPower converts the greatest percentage of sunlight into electricity. This means that over the lifetime of your system, you’ll generate more electricity and save more money on your electricity bills.

Key Benefits Claimed By SunPower:

  • Delivers 36% more power per panel
  • Produces 60% more energy over 25 years
  • Smaller sized panels take up less roof space
  • 25 year product warranty

With all these positives, SunPower panels sound like a great option for your solar power system, however, there are three things you must consider first.

  • SunPower panels are one of the more expensive brands on the market. All that hi-tech goodness costs lots of money to develop and support, so if you’re operating under a budget, there may be better options.

  • There are many other really good panel brands available which produce as high as 95% of the efficiency of SunPower but are as much as 30% cheaper. It’s important to keep in mind that solar is an investment first and foremost. Getting an accredited installer with experience in your local area to consult with you will help you understand what panels will provide the best return for your investment over the life of the system.

  • Even if you are already 100% decided on SunPower, don’t be too hasty in accepting the first quote you receive. Different installers charge different prices, even for the same product. Installers all buy their products from different places, have different margins and offer varying levels of service. The price you are quoted, even for the exact same product, can vary by hundreds of dollars depending on who you talk to.

The best way to make sure you get the right panel for you at the best price is to compare quotes from Clean Energy Council accredited installers with experience in your area.

By partnering with the top national and local installers across Australia we offer the quickest, easiest and smartest way for you to do this.

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