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Why Queensland, NSW and Victoria Are Facing Power Price Hikes

A new report by the McKell Institute criticises government inaction to halt the increase of wholesale gas prices. It blames the export of LNG for making gas powered plants at home more expensive to run. Many consumers are also unable to negotiate long term contracts with suppliers. Government reforms instigated last year are insufficient to […]

Record Power Prices Prompt Australians To Look for Energy Alternatives

Australians are looking for energy alternatives due to high power bills and unreliable grid. Rise of solar power microgrids to create local energy and lower power costs. Western Australia’s Horizon Power, AusNet Services and Enova Energy are companies trialling microgrids of varying sizes. Australia recognising the benefits of going off grid as more and more […]

Australia’s Rooftop Solar PV Market Set to Boom in 2018

Rising power costs are causing homeowners and businesses to think seriously about installing PV roofing. The federal STC subsidy provides an incentive and is a driving force in the PV market. People are expressing interest in battery storage alongside a PV roof to store solar energy for future use and want a “complete system”. Demand […]

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Solar rebates and power prices drive record installs

2017 was the busiest year on record for solar installers nationwide with homeowners and increasingly businesses embracing the technology as a way to guard themselves against the massive increases in energy prices already experienced and those still to come. Over the last 2 years, power prices have increased by between 150% and 240% in the […]

Sydney To Have World’s First Fully Solar Powered University

There’s been praise for the university of New South Wales’ (UNSW) announcement to generate 100% of its electricity from renewable sources. After four years of campaigning by staff and students, the university is set to be the first university in the world to fully divest from fossil fuels, and meet all of its energy needs […]

6 reasons you should invest in a solar system for your home in 2018

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few years, you would have noticed solar panels across many Australian homes and businesses. The reason for this is because first and foremost solar cuts your electricity bills substantially and systems pay for themselves within 3-5 years through lower bills. In case you need convincing […]

Solar is for everyone

There are a lot of misconceptions about solar power. Misconceptions like: solar is only for the rich, solar is not worth the investment because of the “low” Feed-in Tariffs [FiT], solar is not for renters or you won’t live your home long enough to make your investment in solar back. These misconceptions could be costing […]

Why should I get a solar battery system?

Battery systems for solar energy are still a highly debated topic. There are many good discussion points for both sides of the argument at this point, but much of the evidence is tilted towards the reasons why you should get one. If not now, then definitely in the future. Let’s explore why. Save Money Perhaps […]