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Solar Subsidies To Drop In 2019 – But Don’t Panic!

If you’ve been looking into installing solar, you’re probably seeing a load of advertisements stating to “QUICK! BUY SOLAR BEFORE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS’ SOLAR SUBSIDY IS REDUCED COME JANUARY 2019!” And while it’s true the subsidy is scheduled to reduce, it’s no time to frantically purchase a solar system you weren’t ready to buy. The […]

Students Protest As Australia Falls Behind On Paris Emission Goal

Thousands of students across Australia stood up, skipped school and voiced their concerns on Friday protesting against the Government’s lack of action towards climate change, as Australia falls behind on the Paris carbon emission reduction target. Hugely supported protest rallies were held in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth as students came together with one common […]

Victoria Labor Victory Means Win For Solar and Renewable Energy!

Over the weekend Labor displayed an impressive defeat over the opposition with a landslide win in the election. Labor leader Daniel Andrews has been a huge advocate towards renewable energy for households introducing the Solar Victoria Homes Package in August as well as the target for net zero emissions for Victoria by 2050. Labor remaining […]

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QLD Solar and Battery Interest-Free Loan & Grant Scheme Launched!

Over the weekend the Queensland Government launched its Interest-Free Loan and Grant Scheme for solar and battery storage. This is an extension to the current scheme where the Queensland Government has been offering interest-free solar loan packages of up to $4,500 for up to 3,500 households. Three packages are now available to households or small […]

Is It Time To Replace Or Upgrade Your Solar System?

So, you jumped on the solar system band-wagon early and now you’re wondering if it might be time to upgrade or even replace your system. Whilst solar system prices have dramatically decreased over the years, you shouldn’t go upgrading or replacing your system without understanding and knowing whether your current system is performing how it […]

Solutions To Summer Spikes in Electricity Bills

Don’t Let Power Bills Be a Bummer This Summer, Get On Top Of Your Use Before It Goes Overboard It’s approaching summer and as the weather gets warmer you’ll find yourself and the family reaching for that air-conditioning remote. Ah, some relief from the sticky humidity and sweat. That is until you see that your […]

South Australian Home Battery Scheme Has Launched!

True to their word with an October release the South Australian Government has launched the South Australian Home Battery Scheme today! From today 40,000 households in South Australia can now access State Government subsidies to help pay for the installation of home battery systems as an additional component to their current or new solar PV […]

NSW Low-income Household Solar Scheme

NSW Low-income Households Will Soon Have The Opportunity To Participate In A Program That Will Set Them Up To Be $300 Better Off Each Year. The NSW Government has announced a new solar scheme that will allow for those currently signed up to the Low-income Household Rebate, to forgo their rebate and in turn receive […]