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Increase Your Property Value with SOLAR!

Looking to increase your property value and make it desirable on the market? Solar might be for you! Homeowners looking to sell, are saying goodbye to interior renovations and hello to solar system installations, making their property more desirable on the market. The growing renewable energy trend is now welcoming a new benefit! Home buyers […]

Maximise Your Energy Savings with these Top Tips!

Whether you’ve switched to solar or about to, lets maximise your solar savings! In the times where energy prices are on the constant rise, Solar energy has come as a relief to the average household. Homeowners are reaping the benefits of switching to solar and saving up to $2500 annually, with a ROI of approximately […]

What are the 3 best solar panel brands in Australia?

Solar panels, to the naked eye, all look pretty much the same. There are slight variations, different colours and sizes, but generally seem pretty similar. So unless a solar panel comes out the box with half the back missing off it, how do you know how good or reliable it is? We’ve based our criteria […]

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Solar Rebate Soon To Be Scrapped For W.A? – How To Maximise On The Subsidies!

Maximise on the Government Changes to Solar! It’s in the news and it’s been up in the air for some time, but in more recent news it looks like the Labor Party will be scraping the Government subsidies (Solar Government Rebate) for West Australian’s switching to solar. Energy Minister Ben Wyatt (Labor Party) has motioned […]

Super Battery to give Australian Homes $0 electricity bills for 20 years!

How’d you like to be getting $0 electricity bills for 20 years? For home owners in a Sydney based housing development this is soon to be a reality! Energy prices are on the constant rise and renewable energy is fast becoming a growing trend, with Australia soon to welcome its first solar housing development. The […]

Why Is Australia Facing Rising Electricity Prices?

Australia’s energy retailers AGL, Energy Australia and Origin Energy are increasing power prices this year. Increasing prices are because of the rising costs of generation and distribution of electricity. But there is no evidence that renewables like solar energy are to blame for price hikes. Outline of some ways that people can manage their electricity […]

Homes With Eco-friendly Features Selling For Higher Prices

Eco-friendly features such as solar panels, battery packs and rainwater tanks are making homes more attractive for property seekers. New research shows that people are willing to pay up to 10% more for a sustainable home. According to, 33% of buyers are happy to pay more for a property with solar panels. New build […]