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Interest-Free Loan’s Hidden Costs

For someone wanting to install a solar system or invest in a green energy efficient project, but can’t quite afford the upfront costs, an interest-free loan sounds like a great deal, and in honesty, too good to be true. The trend of advertising “Interest-free” is becoming increasingly popular amongst lenders and companies offering personal loans […]

NSW Solar Incentives Announced For Home-Owners

The upcoming State election in New South Wales has had the Labor and Liberal parties at war to win votes via the announcement of renewable energy incentives. Both parties have now announced the release of renewable energy programs for homeowner-occupiers with a combined income of $180,000 should they be voted in at the March 23rd […]

Battery Storage For Solar – What You Need To Know

This year an expected 70,000 Australian households are predicted to install batteries according to Bloomberg NEF (BNEF) who specialise in research for clean energy. This will make Australia 30% of the global battery demand forecasted for 2019 with battery uptake to triple across the nation. So why have batteries suddenly become the trend for Australia […]

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Safety and Inspections For Solar Systems

Late last year Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor announced his concern that a substantial amount of rooftop solar installations across Australia may be unsafe or at risk. This was based from a national audit report that found up to one-quarter of all rooftop solar installations inspected since 2011 posed a “severe or high risk”. Another […]

What’s The Maximum Size Solar System I Can Install?

If you’ve been considering installing solar or expanding your current system you may have an ideal size in mind that will fulfil your energy needs and hopefully make your reliance on the grid minimal. However, you may not know that each state’s local electricity networks have restrictions on the size system your property can install […]

Highest Rated Solar Panel Brands of 2019

Browsing the market of solar panel brands and models can be an overwhelming experience when deciding to install or upgrade a solar system. To the naked eye, all solar panels look pretty much the same with slight variations of colours, sizes and makes. So how do you select a brand and model of quality that […]

Solar Panel Purchasing Tips

As solar systems continue to drop in price and state Governments offer more incentives to assist in the purchasing of systems, we’re seeing a high increase of solar panelled roofs across Australia. But when selecting panels for your system and roof how do you know which brands and models are going to live up to […]

Solar Panel Myths

The development of solar panel technology has come a long way since solar systems were first introduced back in the day.  However, those who haven’t explored or followed the solar market and the development of technology may still have some misconceptions about solar panels, preventing them from reaping the benefits of saving with solar. Let’s […]

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