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NSW Low-income Household Solar Scheme

NSW Low-income Households Will Soon Have The Opportunity To Participate In A Program That Will Set Them Up To Be $300 Better Off Each Year. The NSW Government has announced a new solar scheme that will allow for those currently signed up to the Low-income Household Rebate, to forgo their rebate and in turn receive […]

Solar Energy, Not the Cause Of Rising Electricity Prices

Let’s Get To The Bottom Of Misguided Claims Trying To Pin Renewable Energy As The Cause Of Electricity Prices Spikes In an energy-rich country like Australia, it’s baffling that we’re plagued with extortionate power prices, that are forecasted to rise even further! These price spikes have caused everyone to look for somewhere to blame and […]

Solar, Creating a Brighter Future for Australian Employment

The Move To Solar Over Coal In Australia Will Bring More Job Opportunites For Australians So, we know that having a solar system installed can save you money, reduce your home energy bills drastically, increase your property value and lower the harmful emissions polluting the environment. But did you know it could open the floodgates […]

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How To Access The South Australian Home Battery Scheme

South Australian Home Battery Scheme Updates and Customer Access! New updates on the South Australian Home Battery Scheme have been released! Although we’re still unsure of the official commencement date for applications (rumoured to be mid-October) we’ve been provided with information on how customers will be able to access the Home Battery Scheme and the […]

Claim Solar As A Tax Write-Off For Small Business

Reduce Your Business’ Power Bills By Switching To Solar and Claim It Back On Tax! Small Businesses looking to lower power bills by switching to solar will again be able to take advantage of the $20,000 Instant Asset Write-Off, which is said to be extended until June 2019 according to Smart Company. Back in May, […]

Home Solar & Battery Schemes Available in Your State

Breakdown of Residential Solar and Battery Assistance Schemes Available in Australia Solar energy and batteries are all the hype amongst media currently with State Governments providing new cost-efficient options and assistance to reduce Australians high electricity bills. Assistance is being provided in the form of schemes to assist homeowners in the purchase of products such […]

Victoria Government’s Re-election Promise of Solar Battery Rebate

A Re-Election Promise of a Home Battery Rebate Scheme for Victoria Home Owner-Occupiers! The Victoria Government has announced that if re-elected in November they will introduce a new renewable energy incentive for home owner-occupiers, providing reductions of up to $4,838 on the installation of a battery storage unit, for up to 10,000 homes. This will […]

SA Home Battery Scheme to Launch This October!

South Australian’s Home Battery Scheme to Launch This October! The South Australia Government is about to launch a new renewable energy scheme to assist in providing more affordable energy to South Australian households. The scheme focuses on home batteries and will be available from this October! The South Australian Government has placed $100 million funding […]