West Australians are getting set to tighten their belts after Mark McGowan, in association with Synergy, today announced yet another increase to residential and business electricity tariffs.

Coming into affect from 1st July 2022, the average West Australian household can expect to pay an additional 2.58% on their electricity bill when it comes in the mail.

This hit comes at a time when many are struggling with runaway increases to the cost of living and stagnant wages, leaving many wondering what can be done to take back control of their ballooning household budget.

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WA already has some of the highest electricity prices in country.

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Western Australian’s already have some of the highest energy costs out of any state, with the average household electricity bill coming in at $1,992 / year for 2021*.

$347 a year more than the national average!

Only the ACT and Tasmania pay more.

How much more will you be paying?

Check out our table below for updated pricing on all Synergy plans coming into affect from 1st July 2022.

Most consumers will probably fall under the Home Plan (A1) which has seen an increase of 3 cents per day and 0.73 cents per kWh to their supply and electricity charges respectively.

You can see the complete list of changes, including for businesses, by clicking here. If you need some help with paying your power bill, Synergy also offer support services to customers.

Old Prices (inc. GST)New Prices (inc. GST)
Home Plan (A1)
Supply Charge$1.05 per day$1.08 per day
Electricity Charge29.32 cents per unit30.06 cents per unit
Smart Home Plan
Supply Charge$1.05 per day$1.08 per day
Everyday Off-Peak Electricity Charge15.36 cents per unit15.75 cents per unit
Weekend Shoulder Electricity Charge29.21 cents per unit29.94 cents per unit
Weekday Shoulder Electricity Charge29.21 cents per unit29.94 cents per unit
Peak Electricity Charge55.77 cents per unit57.17 cents per unit
EV Home Plan
Supply Charge$1.05 per day$1.08 per day 
Standard Home Electricity Charge29.32 cents per unit30.06 cents per unit
Everyday EV Off-Peak Electricity Charge20.46 cents per unit20.98 cents per unit
Home Business Plan (K1)
Supply Charge$1.85 per day$1.90 per day
Electricity Charge (0-20 Units Per Day)30.63 cents per unit31.40 cents per unit
Electricity Charge (20-1,650 Units Per Day)28.87 cents per unit29.59 cents per unit
Electricity Charge (Over 1,650 Units Per Day)32.55 cents per unit33.37 cents per unit

How can I cut my energy bill in WA?

Looking for a way to insulate yourself from any more future energy increases?

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Step 2: Get solar

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What do you think about the increase to the cost of electricity in WA? Do you think they’re fair or should more have been done to help West Aussies get back on their feet coming out of COVID? Share this article with your friends and start a discussion!

*The figures above are from the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC), Residential electricity price trends 2021, Final report, December 2021.