The long awaited Solar PV Rebate from Solar Victoria was relaunched on Monday (1st of July) along with rebates for rental properties, batteries and interest free loans. Each rebate has been given a monthly cap to ensure the program can run for the proposed 10 years.

Only 3 days into the program re-launching the Solar PV Rebate it has already maxed out for the month of July and consumers will not be able to submit applications for this particular rebate until the portal re-opens for Solar PV Rebates on the 1st of August. It’s expected that in the first few months the Solar PV Rebate will be snapped up early on, each month. 

Rebate Amounts ($)

Rebate Amounts ($) 2021-22
Solar PV $1,400
Solar Battery $4,174 to be reduced to $3,500 once fully allocated.
Solar Hot Water $1,000

Solar Victoria has created a countdown timer for each rebate on their website so you can watch in anticipation if your application will make the cut.

Other Rebates Are Still Open For Applications

Whilst the Solar PV Rebate for homeowner-occupiers is maxed out for the month, Solar For Rental Properties, Batteries and Solar Hot Water Rebates are still available.

The Solar Homes Program Recap

The Solar Homes program will run over 10 years in total and will support the installation of more than 650,000 solar PV systems for owner occupiers, 50,000 solar PV systems for landlords and tenants, 10,000 battery storage systems, and 60,000 solar hot water systems. An applicant can apply only once as an owner-occupier (one of solar PV, batteries or hot water only) and once as a landlord (solar PV only).

Read More About The Solar Homes Program and the rebates HERE

So What Now?

If you didn’t get in for the July round of Solar PV Rebates and are waiting to apply it’s suggested you start preparing for August applications, by doing your research now and comparing quotes from ELIGIBLE SOLAR RETAILERS.

It’s important to note that until the commencement of applications on the 1st of August you will not be able to retrieve your eligibility number which will confirm that you can receive the rebate. Due to this while doing your research and retrieving quotes is a good idea, consumers should be wary to not sign any documentation confirming the installation until they have received their eligibility number.

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