Jinko Solar is one of the largest, most innovative solar manufacturers in the world. It produces both monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels from China.

In Australia, Jinko Solar focuses heavily on providing quality local service to help all solar businesses grow & provides residential consumers or commercial consumers with quality solar products.

Jinko Solar

Company History:

Jinko solar was founded in 2006 in China. They have over 15,000 employees across 7 production facilities globally and have 15 sales offices worldwide. In Australia, there are warehouse facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth with their main office located in Sydney.

  • Jinko Solar Panels have an efficiency between 15%-18%.
  • In Australia, Jinko offers salt mist corrosion resistant solar panels that are fit for installation in most locations.
  • Jinko Solar Panels can provide power production of up to 315 Watt peak.
Key Benefits Claimed by Jinko Solar:
  • Panel power production up to 315Wp.
  • Modules certified to withstand high wind loads and snow loads.
  • 10-year product warranty and 25-year performance warranty.

Jinko Solar Australia provides the warranties set for the original purchaser and its respective customer with regards to all solar PV modules sold by Jinko.

Latest News about Jinko:

During this difficult period facing challenging circumstances for both manufacturing and shipping, Jinko Solar reported 3.4GW worth of modules shipped in the first quarter of 2020, leading its revenue to be over the billion-dollar mark for this quarter.

Also according to the company, as of April, the ramp-up of its new monocrystalline wafer capacity has completed. This brings them a total production capacity to 17.5 GW for mono wafer, 10.6 GW for cells, and 16 GW for modules.

What Should You Do?

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