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If you’re from sunny Perth then you may have seen the Synergy solar benches scattered across the city. In a partnership with CleanAir Energy, Synergy has trialed the use of the Steora smart bench to showcase the value of renewable energy technologies within the Perth community.

The best part? The solar smart benches are absolutely free to use!

Solar Smart Bench Specs

Solar Power Ipad Charger

1. Mobile Phone Charging

The benches are equipped with mobile charging stations so that users can stop and enjoy the view while they wait for their phone to charge. A combination of wireless charging pads and smart USB connectors are available on the solar benches to ensure most mobile devices are compatible with the service.

For a full list of compatible devices visit Synergy’s website.

2. Wi-Fi Hotspot

Perth Solar Power CityThe solar benches also provide a free 4G Wi-Fi service for users. This means that while your phone is charging you have the ability to scroll your favourite social media platform.

3. Cool Place To Sit

Although the black solar panels in the direct sun may look like a hot place to sit, ventilation fans ensure the bench doesn’t get toasty even on a hot day.

4. LED Night Lights

At nighttime, leftover solar energy is used to produce path illumination. LED lights provide lighting for evening joggers and walkers.

100% renewable energy

Where To Find Perth’s Solar Benches

The smart solar benches can be found all over the Perth metro area. Below is a list of where you can find them.

  • Curtain University, Creative Corner, Bentley WA
  • Curtain University, Koorliny Way, Bentley WA
  • Scarborough Foreshore, Scarborough WA
  • South Perth Foreshore, South Perth WA
  • The University of Western Australia, Reid Library, Crawley WA
  • The Grove Library, Peppermint Grove WA

Solar Panel Technologies

Perth receives around 300 days of sunshine per year making it one of the best spots in the world for solar energy production. The solar benches are part of Perth’s exploration into alternative ways to harness and utilise the sun’s energy.

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