It’s a long-standing myth that solar panels can’t be recycled.The Melbourne-based Ojas Group, however has set out to debunk this myth once and for all with their ‘first of a kind’ solar panel upcycling plant.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last

Although hardy, the average life span of a solar panel is generally around 25 years.Can-solar-panels-be-recycled-&-upcycled

Once a solar panel has progressed passed this peak life cycle age, you may start to see its efficiency fall.

According to a study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) solar panels only degrade by around 0.3%-0.5% per year.

So, by the time your solar panel reaches the 25-year mark they are still operating around the 88% mark which isn’t too bad at all!

If you are finding that your array’s efficiency has dropped to a level where you are no longer receiving your energy requirements it may be time to consider an upgrade.

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Upcycling & Recycling Solar Panels

But what happens to your old solar panels? They might just end up at Ojas Group’s new upcycling plant, Elecsome.

In partnership with RMIT and the University of Melbourne the Ojas Group aims to transform potentially hazardous solar panel waste into valuable materials.

Recycling in Australia conceptThe new initiative intends to up-cycle 97 per cent of each PV panel delivered, turning the PV glass into:

  • Concreate Fill
  • Road base material, such as sand

The aluminum frames will be repurposed into items such as:

  • Cans
  • More solar frames

EVA polymer silicon elements from the panels will also be recycled into raw material that can then be distributed to other industries.

Each developed factory intends to cater for over 50 tonnes of solar waste, creating essential employment opportunities across many regional areas.

As the solar industry continues to boom within Australia, managing solar waste sustainably has become an important goal. As we transition to a more renewable dominant grid, solar panel manufacturing and recycling processes have had to adapt and expand their methods.

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