It’s been a whole year since we introduced our solar quiz and the people have spoken! Aussies are using our quiz for tailored system size recommendations, estimated prices and solar savings calculations. We’ve been able to get some pretty interesting insights into exactly what Australians are after when it comes to solar. This includes the variables that factor into decision-making… so check out what we’ve found below!


1. Property Size

With open-plan designs on the rise, Australians are opting for single storey homes over double or triple storey dwellings.

Results from our quiz indicate that over 70% of you live in a single storey home.

Now… we don’t know if that’s because our fellow Aussies would rather not climb stairs or whether it’s purely because we don’t like living across two or more floors. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter because single storey homes are perfect for having solar installed!

Not only are solar installations quicker and easier on a single storey home… they are also safer for teams of installers in comparison to double or triple storey houses. We’re not picking on you if you have more than one storey at your place, it’s just a longer and more difficult job!



Household Size
2. Household Size

Look out! Most solar enthusiasts seem to be living the nuclear family dream, with 43.9% of you recording that you have a household consisting of three-to-four people. As you can see, this is the highest percentage of the three options, with one-to-two member homes coming in at a close second.

For the 17.2% of you that live in a house of five occupants or more, you’re likely to be using more electricity than that of your smaller household counterparts. Regardless of household occupancy, your interest and commitment to renewable energy is applauded and encouraged!

3. Peak Consumption Times

Unsurprisingly, most responders indicated that early morning and evening times were when they used their energy the most. From this, we can assume that many of you falling into this bracket are living the Australian dream of a 9-to-5 working life… which is great! Although it’s not allowing you to get the most out of your solar system.

Not to worry though, there’s plenty that you can do to ensure you’re maximising your solar savings and reducing your carbon footprint.

If you want to know more about this or you’re after some tips and tricks, check out this blog.

4. Solar System Criteria

One of the most interesting aspects of our solar quiz is that it gives you the ability to select your main reason for going solar. Check out these results, some of them might surprise you… just like they did us!

Top Reasons for Going Solar:

1. Reduce electricity bills.

2. Quality product.

3. Ability to add battery storage.


While we were able to look at what Aussies find most important when it comes to purchasing and installing solar, it’s also crucial that we look at factors that might not be as high on the priority list as those listed above. Based on our quiz results, we found that people weren’t concerned about low upfront costs or a quick return-on-investment in comparison to the other options.


5. Electricity BillsSeasonal Electricity Bill

We know that reducing electricity bills are a huge motivator for choosing solar. Most responders indicated that their electricity bills come in at around $300 to $400 per billing period.

Installing solar panels can save you up to nearly 80% on these bills. If you’re wondering how we made that conclusion… wonder no more! According to our solar savings calculator, if you installed a 6kw solar system in Perth and your electricity bill came in $350 per quarter, you could save up to $272 throughout a winter period. That means your quarterly bill could be reduced to as low as $78. Yes, $78!

We also found that the average electricity bill does not fluctuate that much from summer to winter and vice versa. Most respondents indicated that their electricity bills stayed within the $300 to $400 mark no matter what time of year it was!

Finally, in the almighty battle between air-conditioning and heating – the verdict is in. It looks like we have a draw!

Nonetheless, when selecting a solar panel system, you’ll feel more comfortable knowing you are always covered… no matter the spikes in your energy consumption! It is recommended that you select a solar size that is one-to-two times larger than your energy consumption. This ensures that your energy needs are always met and that any extra energy you don’t use can be sold back to the grid for a profit. Cha-ching!

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