If you’ve recently made the transition to work from home or are a newly stay at home parent you’ve probably noticed your electricity bills have risen in comparison to when you were out of the house for most of the day.

At home parent solar

If this is the case it’s no surprise that the more often you’re at home the more frequently you’ll be using your household appliances and lighting. This increase in electricity usage obviously then reflects on the electricity bill. While you can try your best to reduce usage throughout the day, sometimes it’s not always possible and let’s face it children aren’t always going to quite understand why you keep turning the lights off or won’t keep the air conditioner running on a 30-40 degree day.

Solar Power Is The Solution To Reducing Electricity Costs

If you know about home solar power systems, then you would have heard that they can reduce your electricity bills from generating free solar energy for a household to use. What you might not know is that households where there are people working from home or have people home during the day benefit the most from having solar power systems. This is due to solar power systems generating energy during daylight hours, meaning they can directly cover the energy usage of the household during the day.

If a solar power system’s energy is not used during the day it is fed into the electricity grid and reimbursed as a credit (also know as feed-in tariff return) on your electricity bill, however, the rate you receive in return is no way comparable to the amount you would save from using the energy yourself.

By using free energy generated from a solar power system a household can reduce bills by up to 80% and save thousands per year.


TIP: You can purchase battery storage as an additional component if you benefit more from using your “free” energy at night.

And If You’re Not At Home, Solar Power Will Still Save You Money

If you’re not at home all day, installing a home solar power system will still benefit you financially by reducing your electricity bills, however, to make the most of your daytime free energy you will need to adjust your energy usage.  

The way you can do this is by setting timers on your highest energy-consuming appliances such as your washing machine and dishwasher so that they run during the day. You can also maximise on your daytime usage by charging items like your vacuum and laptop during the day or even investing in a slow cooker to avoid using your stove and oven at night.


If you’re ready to reduce those increasing electricity bills request 3 free solar quotes from CEC accredited installers to get started!