Is solar power the right choice for you?

Important: The first thing you’ll need to decide on is whether or not solar is right for you.

There are a few factors you’ll need to consider such as:

  • Roof Size

    The minimum size system most companies in Australia install is a 1.5kW system and this is comprised of about 7 or 8 panels with each panel measuring about 1.6m x 0.8m. If you can’t see yourself fitting this many panels on your roof, then solar probably isn’t for you. Have a look at some system photos to get an idea of how they’ll look on your roof.

  • Whether or not you own the property?

    If not, then solar probably isn’t worth it due to the investment required, unless your landlord is willing to come to the party and make an investment on your behalf.

  • Shade

    Your roof needs to receive direct sun between the hours of 10am and 2pm for the majority of the year. If this isn’t the case, consider whether pruning some trees might help. You can check out the shading on your roof by using Google Earth which allows you to see many different aerial photographs of your house at different times of day and year. You can download it here.

  • Direction of the roof

    its used to be the case that your panels were best facing true north but that isn’t always the case nowadays. You can make good returns by placing your panels east, north or west or anywhere in between.

So summing up, if you:

  1. Have room for at least 8 panels on your roof.
  2. Don’t have too much shade over your roof between 9am and 3pm.
  3. You own the property.
  4. You plan on being in the house longer than 3 years.

Good News: Then solar is most likely worth the investment.

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