Wow, what a year 2023 was for Australia! It was absolutely massive in the world of battery installations. The latest from SunWiz’s 2024 Annual Australian Battery Market Report shows that we smashed records left, right, and center, with more batteries popping up in homes, businesses, and even on the grid than ever before.

Home Batteries are All the Rage 

Last year, a whopping 57,000 new battery systems were set up in homes across the country. That’s a 21% increase from the year before. Here at Solar Market, we’ve been witnessing this shift firsthand: more and more homeowners with solar are now choosing to upgrade to larger systems—either with a battery or with enough panels to accommodate a battery in the future.

The Future Looks Even Brighter

According to SunWiz Managing Director, Warwick Johnston, 2024 is set to blow past last year’s numbers, with six times the capacity being built right now compared to 2023. It looks like we’re not slowing down anytime soon.

Wrapping It Up

So, 2023 was a banner year for battery installations here in Australia, marking a major milestone in our move towards a renewable future. With ongoing advancements and an increasing embrace of battery tech, we’re not just watching the change—we’re leading it.

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