The Australian government has launched a $300 energy rebate to help reduce the cost of energy bills for households across the country.

According to Treasurer Jim Chalmers, this initiative is part of a broader effort to lower energy expenses, with the government projecting a 17% average decrease in household bills compared to the 2023-24 period. The total cost of this energy bill plan is estimated at $3.5 billion.

Eligibility for the $300 Rebate 

All Australian households, including households in the external and non-self-governing territories, are eligible for the rebate.

The rebate is designated for households rather than individuals. This means the $300 credit will be applied to your household electricity bill, not per individual resident within your household.

Application of the Rebate

You do not need to apply for the rebate; it will automatically be credited to your electricity bills starting from July this year.

Due to the quarterly distribution of the rebate, you will not see a $300 reduction in your next electricity bill immediately. Instead, you will observe a $75 deduction from your quarterly bills over the next year.

State and territory governments will administer the rebates and deliver the payments through retailers.

Additional Support for Small Businesses

Alongside households, about one million small businesses will receive a $325 discount on their energy bills. Small businesses must meet their state and territory definition of electricity β€˜small customer’, as determined by their annual electricity consumption threshold, to be eligible for a $325 annual rebate.

Eligible small businesses will receive their energy bill rebate automatically and won’t be required to take any further action. 

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