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Gippsland, VictoriaGippsland, Victoria

Sitting in the southeastern part of Victoria, with a diverse wilderness coast stretching from Melbourne’s eastern outskirts to Victoria’s far east, escape the city and set foot on the endless Ninety Mile Beach of Gippsland.

Surround yourself with nature and explore the great outdoors in Wilsons Promontory National Park. Discover sandy seduction and ride the powerful waves of the Venus Bay or Sandy Point. Suit up and cruise through Australia’s biggest expanse of inland waterways and at night, let’s dine and wine out on the 40-kilometre stretch of Gourmet Deli Trail. Or wrap your lips around a pint of locally crafted ale from the locals of Great Alpine Road.

After a long day, you can retreat and relax in Port Albert, the region’s first established port and watch the sun set in one of its coastal parks.

Solar power is cheaper alternative

Gippsland is known for its wet, but humid climate. With electricity prices increasing, using the energy from the sun in Gippsland increases domestic and commercial efficiencies and reduces both carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emissions.

With power prices expected to rise substantially over the coming years, installing solar is a great way to protect yourself going forward. With system prices at all time lows, you can expect your solar system to pay for itself in less than 5 years.

To work out your payback period and returns on investment, go here – Financial returns and payback periods or check out our new Solar Savings Calculator.

If you have any questions about how to use the formulas or any other matter, please don’t hesitate to ask us a question.

Solar Power in Gippsland: Comparing the best solar panel deals

Not sure where to find the solar power deals in Gippsland? Solar Market make the transition to solar power easy. We know the solar panel installers in the Gippsland area and provide three competitive quotes. It’s obligation free and easy. Start saving on your electricity bill now.

Feed-in Tariffs for Gippsland residents

Currently in Victoria, the State Government mandates that electricity retailers pay you at least 5c for each kWh you export to the grid. This is available for systems up to 5kW in size and is reviewed annually and adjusted based on the wholesale price of electricity.

While the state government does mandate a minimum 5c/kWh feed in tariff rate to be provided by energy retailers, some retailers do offer higher rates. Do your homework on which retailer can provide you the highest rate to get the best possible deal.

Retail Energy Provider *Current Rate
AGL 11.3c
Click Energy 10c – 16c
Lumo Energy 11.3c
Origin 11.3c
Red Energy 11.3c
Simply Energy 11.3c
Energy Australia 11.3c
Power Direct 11.3c
Diamond Energy 11.3c

*Rates updated July 2017

Things You should Know Along Your Solar Journey

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Understanding Batteries

Off-Grid Systems

For some households a battery system can be of great benefit and minimise a home’s reliance on the grid. However, it’s important to understand for a battery to be useful your solar system needs to be generating excess energy for the battery to store, which you can then use at night or when the sun is not out.

When selecting a battery, you’ll want to invest in a system that is most suited to your home and can drive the best return on investment (ROI). Despite a larger upfront cost, a higher quality battery may significantly increase your ROI.

    Battery systems start from $6,000 and costs can vary greatly based on the following factors:

  1. Cycle Life-Time

    The number of times a battery can fully charge and discharge.

  2. Battery Power (kW)

    How fast it can be charged or discharged.

  3. Storage Capacity (kWh)

    The maximum amount of energy a battery system can store.

  4. Battery Management System (BMS)

    An electronic ‘smart’ system that gathers data and manages the battery ensuring it does not overload or operate outside of its safe functioning zone..

  5. Inverter

    Battery systems require their own inverter if your solar system does not have a hybrid inverter.

  6. 'All-In-One Unit’

    A system which includes the battery, BMS and an inverter all in one unit.

  7. Warranty

    Length of time or cycles the battery system is under guarantee.

  8. Blackout Protection/Backup

    It’s important to note this is not a common feature of a battery system and could cost thousands of dollars to include. Blackout protection not only requires additional components but also a specialised installation and rewiring. For grid-connected homes, the cost for blackout protection can outweigh the benefit.

Additionally, if your purpose for adding battery is to go Off-Grid and become completely independent from the grid you will need to ensure your solar system can generate enough energy to power your home and your battery system is large enough to store this energy. For homes in metro areas going Off-grid is not cost effective and is only recommended for those in remote areas with limited access to the grid. Off-grid solar systems with battery start at approximately $30,000.

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