With a new round of electricity retailer price rises, South Australian households will face annual increases of more than $100 this financial year.

A survey of the state’s 11 electricity retailers found that there have been increases of up to 4 per cent, adding up to $100 on the average annual electricity bill, prompting criticism from welfare groups about the deregulated pricing system and lack of transparency in the system.

A spokesperson for Simply Energy said prices will increase by 3.7 per cent from today, Momentum Energy customers will pay either 3.8 per cent or 4-4.1 per cent more, Lumo energy customers will have a 4 per cent increase and Origin will increase prices by 1.64 per cent. AGL, Energy Australia and Alinta Energy refused to say what their increases would be.

The perpetual price rises of electricity in Australia has pushed more and more people to solar. The 2012 Clean Energy Australia Report detailed a 62% jump in Adelaide electricity prices from June 2007 to June 2012, with significant increases continuing after this date. Other capital cities and regional centres are not immune to increases, with Queensland prices going up 22% this financial year adding hundreds to the average electricity bill in the state.