This post was updated on the 29th March 2021.

So, you’re keen on installing solar but want to know about the things that solar installers should have in order to be worthy of your hard-earned cash. You’ve come to the right place! In Australia, there are two things you should look for when you’re choosing an installer. The first thing your chosen installer should have is an electrical license. The second is an accreditation with the Clean Energy Council of Australia (or CEC).

Why do installers need an electrical license?

If you’re an installer, an electrical license is a must all over the country if you want to engage in electrical work. This work can be defined as tasks that involve electrical machines and appliances. This includes working on electrical machines and appliances themselves, as well as electrical installation. These licenses are different in each state in terms of the types, fees and specific responsibilities; but the sentiment is the same across the board. Essentially, you need to hold an electrical license, or be supervised by someone who does, in order to install and work with electricity. This includes solar, of course! These licenses are basically evidence that your installer is competent when it comes to working with electricity.

Why is CEC accreditation important?

You’ll see two words pop up quite a bit in this section; CEC and accredited. There’s good reason for it too. First off, accreditation with the CEC is not a strict requirement for solar installers. However, it’s strongly recommended that you choose an installer that has this accreditation. Let’s find out why.

CEC Accreditation Installers

The CEC is a not-for-profit organisation. Its mission is to help in developing clean energy in Australia; working with energy storage companies and solar installers around the country. Solar installers need to be trained to install solar, batteries and other renewable systems in order to become accredited. CEC-accredited installers are expected to uphold industry best-practice standards and safely install reliable systems for customers. Another reason it’s strongly recommended to choose a CEC-accredited installer is that you can only get Government rebates when you use these installers. So, if you want a reliable installer and system, as well as a few bucks off your upfront installation bill, choose a CEC-accredited installer!

How many installers have CEC accreditation?

You’re on fire today, that’s another ripper question! There are over 7,000 installers around the country. You shouldn’t have a problem finding a CEC-accredited installer no matter where you are in Australia. If you’re wondering why there are so many, we’ll answer that too, because installers also benefit from the accreditation! They are kept up-to-date with industry trends and guidelines, as well as being given access to technical support, webinars and heaps more!

Is there anything else I should know?

Yes, there are other things you should know. Don’t worry though, it’s not too much more. Products (being solar panels, batteries and inverters) can also be accredited. The CEC maintains a collection of the best products on offer based on Australian standards. So, you should just double check (to be safe) when you decide on your products that they are accredited by the CEC. You can see the lists by clicking here.

If you take just one thing out of this article, it’s to make sure you do your research before making the switch to solar. We’ve got a bunch of resources on our website to help you, but here’s two that you’ll find super valuable as you get closer to switching. It’s important to know how to select an installer and what questions to ask them.

In short, you’ll just need to make sure your installer is qualified to work with electricity and is CEC-accredited. By doing this, you’ll ensure your solar system is of good quality and is installed safely. This is all great stuff to know, but you won’t even have to stress about this when you use Solar Market. You will be automatically matched with local CEC-accredited installers when you get 3 quotes. If you’ve got any more questions, find us on social media and fire away; otherwise, click here to know a little more about what to look for in an installer.