• Solar farms in Australia are using AI and drone technology to improve solar panel output and maintenance requirements.
  • The introduction of vertikalitiSOLAR technology has improved the efficiency of solar farm outputs.

When large-scale industrial solar farms are built, how can the performance of each solar panel be monitored? When a panel is damaged or there is a fault somewhere in the system how do solar farmers know which panel is causing the issue? With artificial intelligence (AI) and drone technology of course!

Advances in AI and drone technology has allowed solar farm’s in Australia to pinpoint solar panel faults, deterioration, and maintenance requirements.

So How Does It Work?

AI, such as thermal imaging, can track heat distribution across the solar arrays. When solar panels become too hot thermal imaging technology can identify the specific panel as faulty and highlight its exact location to solar farm owners.

Up until now thermal modeling however was unable to predict PV panel degeneration. As a means to combat this lapse in ability, Aerodyn Australia has launched its cloud-based delivery platform vertikalitiSOLAR.AI-drone-technology-for-solar-farm

VertikalitiSOLAR efficiently monitors and compares multiple thermal imaging maps and assesses and identifies trends, performance and potential issues in the PV solar arrays.

In an elaborate filing system, the vertikalitiSOLAR records specific panel documentation, maintenance records, inspection data, installation reports, engineering data and design data.

Previously, solar farm maintenance and panel evaluation was a costly and time-consuming activity, but with aerial inspection technologies the solar industry can now develop a more cost-effective system in a market where financial returns are still relatively low.

The technology also creates job opportunities as it requires an in-house Aerodyne expert to analyse and process the large volume of incoming data.

Solar Farmers can then access the logged data through PDF, online maps and a field repair mobile app.

How You Can Access Solar Energy

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