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Although they do stationary, Officeworks isn’t stationary when it comes to going 100% renewable.

Officeworks has joined the burst of big businesses committing to 100% renewable energy over the next five years.

Similar to Bunnings, Officeworks’ Positive Difference Plan 2025 outlines its strategy to use only renewable electricity to power Officeworks operations by 2025 and reduce their emissions to net-zero by 2030.

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So How Will They Achieve 100% Renewable Energy

Officeworks aims to hit their 2025 clean energy goal by installing 6MW of solar across 80 store and office locations.

The solar array will only account for 30% of Officeworks store electricity needs but it’s only the first step in a series of renewable energy plans including Purchase Power Agreements (PPAs).

For example, a solar battery scheme is also in the pipeline to remove missed or wasted solar energy generation.

 “We’d do an assessment for each site as the systems are sized according to electrical load profile and then roof capacity which varies across locations,” says Officeworks’ Energy and Carbon manager Patrick Heaney.

Additional ProjectsRenewable Energy

The Positive Difference Plan 2025 also outlines a strategy to plant two million trees as a carbon offset solution. Officeworks two million tree project aims to protect natural habitats for Australia’s wildlife and reject deforestation.

Officeworks History With Clean Energy

Since 2015, Officeworks has already reduced its emissions by 26%. This is largely part to the installation of LED lights in 99% of their stores.

As highlighted by Patrick Heaney “the major takeaway for us is the best way to reduce energy consumptions or emissions is to not use it in the first place.”

How To Get Solar PanelsReady To Save The Planet Too?

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