The Feed-in tariff varies from state to state. However, what is consistent across all states now is that any new connections will be under a net tariff. What this means is that you will only be paid the feed-in tariff on energy you send back to the grid, not just how much energy your system generates.

While there has been complaints about the reduction in feed-in tariffs, what is often overlooked is the original idea behind solar systems; to meet and offset your own energy needs. In analysing the financial viability of a solar system you must also look at how much energy you do not need to purchase from the grid because of your solar system, not just what energy you get paid for in exporting back into the grid.

  Current Net Feed-in Tariff(c/kWh)
ACT 7.5c / kWh (closed to new applications)
NSW 6.6c – 11.2c / kWh
NT 19.23c / kWh
QLD 8c / kWh
SA 9.8c / kWh
TAS 8.3c / kWh
VIC 8c / kWh

REBS: 7.1c / kWh

DEBS: 10c (between 3pm and 9pm) or 3c (at all other times)

Updated – 08 Jan 2014