Which Sized Solar System Will Save You the MostSo, you want to reduce your power bills but when you start researching about solar panels, it’s just confusing, and all you want to know is what solar size system you need and how much?! Then you start ringing solar companies and you get different answers, different prices and it really gets frustrating as you just don’t know which one to go for and what is right for you. At Solar Market, we have created a quick solar quiz to give you a guideline on how much you can save, what size solar panel system you need (based on your usage) and the price estimates for the system too. You might be wondering why we can only give you a ballpark figure on how much the system will cost. This is because prices for a full solar PV system can vary. There are brands that are high-end or low-end, your property can influence how you mount your system (which can add to the cost), and solar installers all charge varying prices. We give you a ballpark figure as a guide for decision making, if it’s over that amount you might not be getting a good deal, and if it’s under that amount you could be getting a dodgy deal. Here are some of our buying tips to help you through the process. We understand solar is a big investment, and you deserve to know all the ins and outs before you approach an installer. Take our free solar quiz and find out which sized solar system will save you the most & which system suits your home! If you want more information, you can download our free solar guide or if you are ready to get solar quotes, we can connect you to 3 local solar installers so you can compare your solar panel system quotes.

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