There are three options when it comes to STCs:

  1. Sign over your STCs to the company installing your panels for an upfront discount on your system.
  2. Retain your STCs (and therefore receive no rebate on your PV system) and use an Agent to create and process your STC’s.
  3. Retain your STCs, create and sell them yourself.

The easiest option is signing over your STCs to the company installing your system as they will have the handover documents prepared for you to sign.

If you choose to trade your own STCs then an agent can be used to simplify the process though this will obviously have a cost.

Otherwise you can trade your own STCs by completing the correct documentation and registering through the REC Registry and then either finding a buyer for the STC’s or trading them through the clearing house.

The end to end process, including required documentation, is available at