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Ingenious World Solar Innovations

The benefits of solar are acknowledge world-wide and the advances in technology have made these handy and creative Solar Innovations possible!

  • Giant Panda Solar
    The panda solar farm in Datong, China.China Merchants New Energy/Panda Green Energy

    How cool is this giant Solar Farm in Datong, China shaped like a Panda?! This 250-acre solar farm was completed in 2017 adding 50MW to the electricity grid of Datong. China is leading the world in renewable energy investment and plan to roll more “Panda Solar Farms” out across the country in the coming years.Imgae Reference:
    The panda solar farm in Datong, China.China Merchants New Energy/Panda Green Energy

  • Disney Solar Farm
    Disney Solor Farm

    Not to be outdone by the giant Panda, Disney have their own awesome solar farm in Florida, containing around 48,000 solar panels arranged into the iconic mouse ears shape we all know so well.Image Reference:
    Nearmap. Disney Solar Farm

  • Cochin International Airport, India

    The 7th busiest airport in India and the World’s FIRST airport to be 100% powered by Solar Energy. This is a really great project which took out the ‘Champion of Earth’ Award in 2018, the UN’s highest environmental honour. Watch the video for more info on this awesome solar innovation!

  • Tokelau Renewable Energy Project

    Speaking of World Firsts, in 2013 Tokelau became the World’s first island nation to be powered by 100% solar energy! This small country of 1500 used to rely on diesel driven power stations, burning 200 litres of fuel a day and $800,000 USD per year. This only provided them with 15-18 hours of electricity per day but since installing 4,032 solar panels and 1,344 batteries they have experienced a much more consistent supply. If the sun ever disappears for a few days and energy production is low, the new generators can also run on coconut oil as a last resort, how cool is that?!

  • Solar Powered Portable Cookers
    GoSun Go™ Portable Solar Cooker

    These just took weekend BBQ’s to a whole other level! These portable ovens use solar power to cook your meals on the go. All you have to do is grab some food and find yourself a nice sunny.Image Reference:
    Go Sun Website –

  • Yamakura Dam Floating Solar Farm
    Floating Solar Farm

    Japan has done it again and kicked innovation up a notch. Introducing the FLOATING solar farm! This farm has the capacity to produce 16,170 megawatt hours per year, the equivalent of 19,000 barrels of oil!Image Reference:

  • Solar Powered ‘Tiny House’ Village For Homeless, Seattle
    Solar Power Hub

    This one will warm your heart. Not for profit Sawhorse Revolution have launched the ‘Impossible City’ eco village project which provides temporary housing for Seattle’s homeless population. Local teenage volunteers develop their carpentry skills by building tiny houses out of recycled materials, featuring solar powered lighting and warm water as well as insulation and composting toilets. A great initiative!Image Reference:
    The Huffington Post – Sam Hunt

  • Portable Solar Chargers
    Lumos AustraliaLumos Australia

    Gone are the days of phone batteries running flat on a day out. These solar powered chargers can keep your phone, tablet or laptop charged while you are out and about. From fold out pads to backpacks, these solar gadgets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes!Image Reference:
    iPad charger –
    Solar backpacks- Lumos Australia

  • The Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project, Nevada
    GoSun Go™ The Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project

    This trippy looking solar farm cleverly uses over 3,000 mirrors to direct the energy of, effectively, thousands of suns to a concentrated area; the receiver in the solar tower. The intense solar flux heats molten salt in the tower, creating steam and driving a turbine to create electricity. Very clever!Image Reference:

  • Canal Solar Power Project, Gujarat, India
    Canal Solar Power Project

    All over India, evaporation of water in canals is a major issue and inconsistent electricity supply is just a fact of daily life. This ingenious project kills 2 birds with one stone. Not only do these solar panels produce clean, reliable power for the local area, they provide shading for the canals and could save up to 90 million litres of water!Image Reference:
    Getty ImagesSam Panthaky

  • Solar “Tindo” Bus, Adelaide
    Solar Tindo Bus

    Back home we have our own Solar innovations. The “Tindo” bus in Adelaide is the world’s first 100% Solar powered public transit system, providing transportation, aircon and free wifi for up to 40 passengers at a time. Not only is this bus powered by the sun, its service is also offered free of charge!Image Reference:

  • Solar Panel Bike Path, Krommenie, Netherlands
    Solar Bike

    Over in the Netherlands, bikes reign supreme with thousands of kilometres of bike paths running across the country. This small town has put these paths to even greater use and fitted them with solar panels, providing clean energy to the local community. While small in scale, this little project has inspired France to follow suit and begin fitting major roads with Solar panels all across the country!Image Reference:

  • Suspended Solar Power Plants in Space
    Solar in space

    This is one (maybe) for the future. Solar panel plants orbiting our planet, gathering energy from the sun (which is 8 times more intense in space by the way) and beaming it back down to Earth. Sounds to good to be true? It just might be. But US researchers are currently working on this idea and Japan has plans to launch a similar project in 2040. Definitely one to look out for!Image Reference:

And there you have it, some of the most exciting and innovative Solar projects from around the world!


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