Why Your Home Solar Energy System Isn’t Saving You More

As much as we receive frequent success stories and case studies from people who have reduced their bills dramatically since installing a solar power system, we also have feedback trickle in from people who don’t understand why they aren’t saving more, like their peers who have installed. Whilst there are cases where a faulty solar […]

Buying Tips For Residential Solar PV Systems

Making the decision to buy a solar PV system to install at your home is a rewarding and worthwhile investment. However, it can be quite daunting once you start your research and are suddenly bombarded by the solar industry lingo, competitive pricing and sometimes abrupt or aggressive advertising and sales tactics. As a solar system […]

Top Rated Solar Panel Brands To Install In 2020

Browsing the market of solar panel manufacturers, brands and models can be an overwhelming experience when deciding to install or upgrade a solar system. To the naked eye, all solar panels look pretty much the same with slight variations of colour, size and make. Not only that there is a lot of bias recommendations and reviews out there […]

Is waiting to install solar costing you?

As energy prices continue to rise, Australians are paying more for their everyday electricity usage and draining their financial funds. In fact, for a household of 3-5 occupants, the annual energy bill is costing an average of $2,090- $2,604 in 2019. Source: Canstar Blue electricity customer satisfaction survey, January 2019. And while we can lay […]

What is the Tesla Home Powerwall?

If you’ve been investigating solar battery storage you would have heard of the Tesla Home Powerwall, one of the first solar PV battery storage solutions to hit the market back in 2015. Tesla describes the Powerwall as a “rechargeable lithium ion battery with liquid thermal control”. For those who aren’t solar or battery installers you […]