Solar For All Campaign Launched

A Solar For All Campaign has been launched by the Community Power Agency calling State Governments in Australia to assist in unlocking the accessibility and benefits of solar energy to those in unsuitable housing situations for solar installations, such as apartments and rentals. The Fact Sheet provided from Community Power Agency stated that “In 2018 […]

Solar For Small Businesses Just Makes Sense

Solar For Small Businesses In recent years the uptake of residential solar in Australia has thoroughly increased and benefited many households with reduced electricity bills through generating their own energy and having less reliance on the grid or energy retailers. As well as Australian’s noticing the long term benefits of installing solar, the steep increase […]

Why Second-Hand Solar Panels Won’t Reduce Costs

The most common reason to install a solar system is to reduce electricity bills and the cost of living, so it’s no surprise that you’d want to minimise the upfront cost of purchasing and installing a system when you do. For this reason, some people consider the option of buying used or second-hand solar panels […]

Solar Power Rebates Available For Renters In Australia

In Australia homeowner-occupiers have had the opportunity of installing solar at reduced costs through receiving the Federal Government Rebate, as well as added subsidies and incentives offered in various states such as Victoria and Queensland. However, with over 30% of private dwellings in Australia being rented out, a huge number of tenants have been missing […]

Solar Panel Validation Tool Assists Selection Of Quality Panels

After poor quality solar system installations and scams became a recurring topic and nightmare for some Australian’s in previous years, the Clean Energy Regulator has partnered with the solar industry, developing a tool to assist in minimising the risk of solar panels being installed that do not meet the Australian standards for quality and performance. […]