Top 5 Solar Inverters

Central to your solar PV system, a solar inverter is responsible for turning the DC power your solar panels produce, into the AC power your home and appliances run on.

Where most faults in a solar PV system occur, it’s important to choose a good quality solar inverter that will last at least 15 years, to ensure you get a good return on your initial investment. While it may be tempting to purchase a cheaper solar inverter in the beginning, the cost of replacing it further down the line will negate any original savings.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 inverters found in Australia, based on warranties, manufacturing processes, and monitoring features, that we’d be happy to recommend to friends and family, or install in our own homes.


1. SMA

  • About SMA

    Founded in 1981, SMA is a global leader in the photovoltaic technology industry. 

    Manufactured with highly reliable technology, SMA inverters require less service than competing models, saving time and money over the long-term.

  • Australian Presence

    SMA have an Australian office located in North Sydney, NSW.

  • Efficiency of SMA Panels

    One of the most popular inverters in Australia, SMA Sunny Boy Inverters have average maximum efficiencies of 97%.

  • Price of SMA Panels

    Renowned for their high quality, installing a SMA inverter is a very safe bet. The only downside is that you tend to pay a premium for their superior technology.

  • SMA Warranty

    All SMA inverters come with a 5-year warranty. You also have the option to extend your warranty to 10, 15 or 20 years (dependant on model).

    SMA’s warranty includes all costs in the unlikely event of an issue/failure, including shipping and on-site replacement.

  • Monitoring

    SMA offer a number of different internet based monitoring solutions, ranging from the basic to the highly detailed. These include:
    – Sunny View
    – Sunny Home Manager
    – SMA Energy Meter
    – Sunny Portal

  • SMA Awards

    Winner – ees Award 2016 (Europe’s largest exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems) for the Sunny Boy Storage.
    Winner – INTERSOLAR Outstanding Solar Projects Award 2016 for the photovoltaic diesel hybrid system SMA designed on the Caribbean island of St. Eustatius.

    Winner – Smart Energy Award 2013 for the SMA Smart Home comprehensive energy management solution.

    Winner – Intersolar Award for the Sunny Central 800CP central inverter.

Fronius Solar Inverters

2. Fronius

  • About Fronius

    Founded in Austria in 1945, Fronius’ origins lie in the manufacturing of battery chargers and welding transformers. Since developing their very first solar inverter in 1995, Fronius has grown into a solar inverter manufacturing powerhouse, developing sustainable energy technologies and solutions.

    Fronius inverters are manufactured in Austria, plus built-in smart grid features allow their inverters to integrate seamlessly with even the most complex grids.

  • Australian Presence

    Fronius opened its Australian branch in Melbourne in 2010, offering local service and warranty support to Australian customers.

  • Efficiency of Fronius Panels

    Fronius inverters average maximum efficiencies of 97 to 98%.

  • Price of Fronius Panels

    Expect to pay a price on the high end of the scale for Fronius inverters.

  • Fronius Warranty

    All Fronius inverters come with a 5-year warranty, that can be extended by an additional 5 years, free of charge, when you register your inverter online.

    You also have the option to extend the warranty by 10, 15 or 20 years, for a fee.

  • Monitoring

    All Fronius Inverters are WiFi enabled for easy monitoring, commissioning and warranty.

  • Fronius Awards

    Winner – iF DESIGN AWARD

    Winner – Smart Grids Pioneer

    Winner – Reddot Design Award
    Winner – Plus X Award

SolarEdge Solar Inverters

3. SolarEdge

  • About LG

    Since being founded in 2010, SolarEdge has shipped an estimated 3.4 Gigawatt of inverter systems, which have been installed in almost 100 countries worldwide.

    Headquartered in Israel, and with manufacturing facilities in Canada and China, SolarEdge design and manufacture inverters, power optimizers, and storage solutions for everything from residential to commercial and small utility-scale solar installations.

    All SolarEdge DC-AC PV inverters are specifically designed to work with the SolarEdge power optimizers. This allows for maximum power production due to module-level maximum power point tracking (MPPT), and limits the effects of module mismatch caused by shading or degradation.

  • Australian Presence

    SolarEdge’s Australian office is located in Collingwood, Victoria.

  • Efficiency of SolarEdge Inverters

    SolarEdge inverters have a weighted max efficiency of greater than 97%, independent of string length and temperature.

  • Price of SolarEdge Inverters

    SolarEdge’s high quality results in a high price for their inverters.

  • SolarEdge Warranty

    SolarEdge inverters come with a standard 12-year warranty, extendable to 20 or 25 years for a fee.

  • Monitoring

    All SolarEdge inverters are able to be monitored by a web-based portal.

  • SolarEdge Awards

    Winner – Solar Power Portal Awards

    Winner – Solar Industry Awards

    SolarEdge places in the Global Cleantech 100

    Winner – Intersolar Innovation Award
    Finalist – SunSpec Open Standards Champion Award (supplier category).

ABB Solar Inverters

4. ABB

  • About ABB

    A pioneer of solar technology, ABB works closely with utility, transport and infrastructure industries in over 100 countries. Founded in Switzerland in 1988, ABB has more than four decades of experience in manufacturing and designing digital technologies.

    ABB offers powerful single and three-phase string inverters, ranging from 2 to 50kW in size. Boasting a highly durable design and quick and easy installations, ABB provide a quick return on investment.

    ABB inverters are manufactured in China, Italy, the USA, South Africa and Slovakia.

  • Australian Presence

    ABB’s Australian Head Office is located in Sydney, NSW.

  • Efficiency of ABB Inverters

    ABB inverters have max efficiencies of up to 97%.

  • Price of ABB Inverters

    While still on the expensive end of the scale, ABB inverters are less in price than the brands ranked 1-3.

  • ABB Warranty

    All ABB inverters come with a 5-year warranty that can be extended to 10, 15 and 20 years for a fee.

  • Monitoring

    ABB solar inverters offer remote monitoring via the Aurora Vision Plant Management Platform.

  • ABB Awards

    Winner – Zayed Future Energy Prize
    Ranked as one of the world’s leading sustainable companies by Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), for the sixth consecutive year.
    Named one of the world’s most ethical companies by the Ethisphere Institute.

    Named as one of the world’s top 100 innovators by Thomson Reuters.

Delta Solar Inverters

5. Delta

  • About Delta

    At the forefront of power and thermal management solutions, Delta was founded in Taiwan in 1971. Detla’s portfolio of renewable energy solutions includes string inverters, hybrid inverters, battery storage systems, and EV chargers.

    While Delta products are manufactured across Thailand, China, Taiwan and Europe, inverters sold in Australia are exclusively manufactured in China.

  • Australian Presence

    Delta has an Australian office located in Notting Hill, Victoria.

  • Efficiency of Delta Inverters

    Delta inverters average maximum efficiencies of 96-97%, depending on model.

  • Price of Delta Inverters

    Because Delta inverters are manufactured exclusively in China, they are less expensive than the inverters ranked 1-4.

  • Delta Warranty

    Delta inverters come with a 10-year product warranty as standard.

  • Monitoring

    Delta string inverters can be monitored wirelessly with the SOLIVIA Monitor 2.0. Delta inverters are also compatible with third party monitoring systems Web’log and Solar-lo.

  • Delta Awards

    Winner – National Excellence Award at the National Workshop on Rooftop Solar

    Winner – Channel News Asia’s Green Luminary Award

Whether or not you decide to go for an inverter on our top 5 list, it’s always worth ensuring your choice complies with relevant Australian standards. (This means your inverter is safe for installation and usage within Australian homes.)

To check the list of approved inverters, click here.

Remember: And as always, remember to shop around and never settle on your first solar quote. Providers may quote different prices for the exact same model inverter.

To compare the cost of inverters between local solar providers, click here for three obligation-free quotes..

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Understanding Batteries

Off-Grid Systems

For some households a battery system can be of great benefit and minimise a home’s reliance on the grid. However, it’s important to understand for a battery to be useful your solar system needs to be generating excess energy for the battery to store, which you can then use at night or when the sun is not out.

When selecting a battery, you’ll want to invest in a system that is most suited to your home and can drive the best return on investment (ROI). Despite a larger upfront cost, a higher quality battery may significantly increase your ROI.

    Battery systems start from $6,000 and costs can vary greatly based on the following factors:

  1. Cycle Life-Time

    The number of times a battery can fully charge and discharge.

  2. Battery Power (kW)

    How fast it can be charged or discharged.

  3. Storage Capacity (kWh)

    The maximum amount of energy a battery system can store.

  4. Battery Management System (BMS)

    An electronic ‘smart’ system that gathers data and manages the battery ensuring it does not overload or operate outside of its safe functioning zone..

  5. Inverter

    Battery systems require their own inverter if your solar system does not have a hybrid inverter.

  6. 'All-In-One Unit’

    A system which includes the battery, BMS and an inverter all in one unit.

  7. Warranty

    Length of time or cycles the battery system is under guarantee.

  8. Blackout Protection/Backup

    It’s important to note this is not a common feature of a battery system and could cost thousands of dollars to include. Blackout protection not only requires additional components but also a specialised installation and rewiring. For grid-connected homes, the cost for blackout protection can outweigh the benefit.

Additionally, if your purpose for adding battery is to go Off-Grid and become completely independent from the grid you will need to ensure your solar system can generate enough energy to power your home and your battery system is large enough to store this energy. For homes in metro areas going Off-grid is not cost effective and is only recommended for those in remote areas with limited access to the grid. Off-grid solar systems with battery start at approximately $30,000.

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