Michael Moore Documentary Solar

So let’s talk about Michael Moore’s latest documentary ‘Planet of the Humans’. It explores the environmental footprint of renewable technologies (such as solar, wind and biomass) with the overall argument that the green movement has sold out to corporate interests. It is a provocative and compelling documentary.

Here at Solar Market, our schtick is getting you 3 solar quotes to compare, to ensure you get the best deal. We have and will always pride ourselves on giving you as much quality unbiased information as possible before you make any decisions.

With this in mind, we highly recommend you watch this documentary as it provides an interesting and powerful argument on the renewable energy industry. Sticking to our main schtick, we recommend you investigate the key points in the arguments Moore presents. We believe that we all deserve quality unbiased information and listening to just one documentary and perspective will not provide you with an accurate overall picture.

Majority of the public commentary on this documentary is from climate change activists, climate change deniers, politicians, renewable energy companies and media figures – who all naturally have biased perspectives based on their own agendas. We will not be adding to the pile of biased perspectives, because that does not help our customers!

Instead, there is one thing we will talk about. The documentary investigates solar power and has a segment where they discuss the panels used on a 60 panel solar farm. These panels run at 8% efficiency according to their manager. It felt like the documentary was implying that solar cells are not very efficient. Currently, solar cell efficiency is at around 20%, which is high enough to reduce an average household’s power bills by up to 80%. This is larger than the documentary implies and makes a huge difference to your power bill.

Renewable energy is necessary for the future. This documentary highlights that consumers must demand more transparency from those who create renewable energies. So remember, do your research, but investing in solar panels for your home is still a good idea.

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