This week in solar energy updates, we have seen the full force of the COVID second wave hit Australia. With Victoria in a stage 4 lockdown, New South Wales gaining rapid positive result spikes and Queensland re-instating their hard border, the ‘normal’ Australian lifestyle seems like a distant memory.

COVID-19 Solar Energy Update

Although solar was deemed an ‘essential service’ during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, this time around the guides are not as clear. As we sit anxiously waiting for new updates, here is what we know so far:

For Victoria, updates detailing the solar industry’s position within the level 4 restrictions are yet to be announced. With retail outlets closing and face-masks made an essential requirement, Victoria is taking a stricter approach to lockdown procedures. We understand that for solar installers, retailer services and industry workers, this information is essential, and as such, we will aim to update you on relevant solar decisions as soon as they are announced.

Currently all other Australian states are allowing the solar industry to operate as normal. The only alteration is that installers are now operating under new COVID-19 safe policies and guidelines. During a time where we are all working from home, energy bills are rising. These new safe, hygienic and contactless systems allow Australians to still access reductions to their energy bills­ – convenient or what!

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Coronavirus in Australia

$22 Billion Dollar Solar Energy Export

Among the midst of masks and lockdown, Melbourne has announced the fast-track of its Singapore Solar Export Project.

The $22 Billion Dollar project by Australia-ASEAN Power Link, plans to supply solar energy to Singapore via a high voltage cable.

The ambitious project intends to be one of the biggest solar projects in Australia to date, consisting of a 4,500km cable linked to a 10 gigawatt solar farm in the Northern Territory.

It is not clear as yet if the recent COVID-19 restrictions within Victoria will impact the projects’ fast-track aims.


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