With temperatures reaching a scorching forty degrees across most of Australia, the increased use of an airconditioning unit is inevitable for most households. But how do you keep the costs down when you need to run an airconditioning unit for four months of the year?

A Melbourne company, Solar ACDC might just have the answer.

Key points:

  • New solar airconditioning designs hit Australian markets.
  • The return on investment for the innovative design is only one to two years.
  • Want to power more than just an aircon? Solar Market connects you with complimentary quotes from local CEC accredited solar installers in your area.

When Dr Caroline Rogers went on the hunt for a new airconditioning unit for her upstairs study she stumbled across a Melbourne based company that produces solar air conditioning units with inbuilt panels.

“It’s just so neat,” says Dr Caroline Rogers. “The sun comes up, it feels a bit hot and immediately the airconditioning comes on. I love the idea of turning the heat from the sun into cool air.”

“And for winter, it’s reverse-cycle, so it’ll be warm in winter as it is cool in summer.”

The new generation design by Solar ACDC, has become a popular solution for city dwellers that may not be able to install full-package roof-top solar solutions.

By delivering a necessary commodity to the Australian people with a renewable twist, Solar ACDC aims to assist households in going off-grid.

As well as being marketed for city dwellers, the unique design also offers great solar airconditioning solutions to rural areas with poor power grid infrastructure.

In addition, as part of the My Age Care scheme, solar airconditioning can be installed for free.

How Does The Solar Airconditioning Work?

As explained by Rob Miravet from Solar ACDC, “ the system comprises an auto-start function that turns on when there’s enough power in the morning, and then turns itself off in the afternoon once there’s less sunlight.”

The solar airconditioners use photovoltaic solar panels to power the units which are fully DC. This means that even in a blackout the aircon can keep running as normal.

Retailing from around $4000, Solar ACDC claims that over a lifetime the solar airconditioning unit can save its buyers between $8000 and $30,000 in a lifetime.

100% renewable energyWant The Sun To Power More Than Just Your Aircon?

Installing rooftop solar is a great way to save on your energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint and increase your property value!

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