Solar panels on tiled roof
The CSIRO are currently researching where the sun shines the longest in hopes to provide valuable information for solar developers.

These radiation records could be used currently and into the future as basis to predict how much solar power could be expected to enter the nation’s electricity grid.

Large scale developers of solar power plants will require this information to secure finance for solar investments, but what the CSIRO is most interested in is measuring solar photovoltaic (PV) panels across the country. Central to the study is measuring the uptake of roof-top solar PV and measuring whether this is reaching ‘hosting capacity’ in some areas.

Capacity is reached when the existing grid system cannot cope with the widespread use of roof-top solar PV and the intermittent supply that comes from the panels. This has happened in some regions such as Carnarvon. With hosting capacity closing in on some rural areas, it is even more important for households to secure their own solar investment before capacity is reached and residential solar PV is restricted by power companies.