Crossed between an Ikea and a supermarket, the retail giant Costco has recently set up shop in Australia. Known for its buy-in-bulk design, Costco is a multi-billion-dollar wholesale retailer. Developed in the USA, Costco stores offer almost anything and everything imaginable.
Do you want a four-person-steam sauna? A Coffin maybe? Or how about an entire palette of bomb shelter food? Costco has you covered!
If saunas, coffins and food rations aren’t your cup of tea. How about some solar panels for your roof?

Costco’s Sunrun Solar PanelsCostco Solar Panel Review 2020

Costco’s Sunrun solar panels hit the Aussie shelves this year but how do they really stack up in price, quality and warranty? Here is our review of Costco’s Solar Panels 2020.

How Does The Deal With Sunrun Solar Work?

So, how does the deal work?

  1. You are given a complimentary Sunrun solar consultation.
  2. You are given quoted costs.
  3. Sunrun will send out an installer to get the system fitted to your home.
  4. You get a 10% Costco shop card on qualifying Sunrun equipment.

*Note: The 10% Costco Shop Card only applies to customers purchasing outright. Using financing options means you for-go the cash card rewards.

Price of Costco Solar Systems

Price varies substantially depending on the system size required. However, Sunrun will be looking to bill between $20,000 (4kW)- $40,000 (8kW) plus additional ‘equipment costs’.

When comparing Sunrun’s price points against the average cost of solar within Australia, Sunrun’s price is extortionately high.

The high price point however comes down to Sunrun’s use of ‘cutting-edge technologies’ and high-quality products.

Warranties Of Sunrun Solar

Costco Solar Panel Review 2020

Although Sunrun and Costco are partners, warranties for the panels can only be claimed though Sunrun not Costco.

Sunrun’s solar panel warranty offers 10 years cover for workmanship and 15 years cover for roof penetration, which can be found on their main website.

To Sum Up

If your keen on the idea of shopping for solar panels while you are shopping for your eggs then the Costco solar option might just be for you.

Although the 10% Costco gift card reward may sound like an enticing offer, Sunrun solar prices are extremely high for the average renewable loving joe.

The good thing about Sunrun’s partnership with Costco though is that quality is not compromised. You may be paying top dollar but you are also receiving top quality.

Want Solar That Doesn’t Blow The Bank Or Is Next To The Coffin Isle?

If you love the idea of solar but aren’t committed to the high price of a Costco Solar Special, why not get 3 complimentary quotes from solar installers in your area and find a great deal.

Ensure you are getting a system that is tailored to your needs and property, not what the installer wants to sell. Solar Market partners with top solar installers across Australia and will match you up with 3 local solar installers so you can start saving sooner. If you need more help, take our 2 min quiz to find out what kW solar panel system you need and the costs involved.