Canadian Solar Inc, was founded by Shawn Qu in 2011, with branches in over 24 countries. With offices and warehouses located in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Israel, South Africa, U.A.E, Spain, Italy, Germany and Australia they have a well built international presence.

Canadian Solar employs almost 9,000 workers worldwide, containing two manufacturing facilities in Ontario. In the past 15 years, they’ve shipped 16 GW of panels or approximately 70 million PV modules.

Solar Company Australia

Canadian Solar panels offer panel efficiency rates of up to 16.42%.

Canadian Solar Products:

Canadian Solar provides solar products like solar modules, solar power systems, off-grid solar home systems, and other solar-related products.

With more than 6 years of experience in developing PV projects worldwide, Canadian Solar provides hassle-free handling of the deployment of photovoltaic project systems that range from a hundred kilowatts to megawatts.

What Canadian Solar Sets Apart:
  • Canadian Solar has power production capabilities up to 315W.
  • They offer 10 year product warranty and 25 year linear performance warranty.
  • Selected modules are capable for sea/water side installations.
  • The standard modules of Canadian Solar are powered by 156 x 156mm(6 inch) mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline solar cells.
  • Most of their panels are capable of working well in harsh environments, including heavy snow & high wind loads.
What Should You Do?

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