Can’t decide between a solar PV or solar hot water system? Your property, electricity bill and roof size might be the deciding factor!

Solar hot water systems and solar PV systems both provide energy and cost-efficient ways to reduce a household’s electricity bills. In recent years solar hot water systems have taken a back seat in the market as solar PV systems have become an increasingly popular and common addition to residential homes in Australia.

solar hot water system

The reason for this is, while a solar hot water system will assist in reducing your water heating charges, a solar PV system can reduce your entire electricity bill.

So in what scenarios would you choose a solar hot water system over a solar PV system?

Electricity bill charges are primarily water heating

If you’ve been looking over your electricity bill and noticed that water heating is the primary culprit, then a solar hot water system may be for you.

According to a report commissioned by the Australian Government, water heating makes up approximately 23% of the average electricity bill.

CEC Electricity Researh

However, while a solar hot water system may be a good option in this scenario, a solar PV system can assist in reducing not only your water heating charges but also;

    • Heating and cooling, e.g. aircon
    • Refrigerators and freezers
    • Lighting
    • Cooking
    • Standby power
    • Other (laundry, entertaining, small appliances etc.)

Roof space is minimal

In some cases, your roof may not be suitable to install a solar PV system due to insufficient space. Even a small 2kW solar PV system has up to 8 solar panels, with each panel being approximately 1×1.7 metres in size.

solar house with swimming pool

These days 5kW+ systems are emerging in popularity, which would require enough roof space to accommodate for 20+ solar panels.

A solar hot water system, however only requires 1-2 panels and therefore does not require a vast amount of space. So if a shortage of roof space is an issue, then a solar hot water system may be the solution.

If you’re unsure what system your roof has the capacity for, a solar installer will be able to evaluate your property during the quoting process and provide you with the best option.

Budget is a priority

A solar hot water system is typically cheaper upfront than a solar PV system. So if budget is a concern and finance isn’t an option, then you may want to opt for a solar hot water system over a cheap solar PV system. However, these days solar PV systems have become more affordable to the average Australian household due to system prices decreasing as well as Government assistance and Green loan finance being available.

Solar providers will generally be able to quote for solar hot water and solar PV, so its best to discuss your budget with the provider so they can recommend the most suitable and budget-friendly system for you.

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