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Solar in Queensland just makes sense!

Queensland electricity consumers have experienced some quite substantial increases in power prices over the last few years with more on the horizon. Luckily Queensland also receives an abundance of sun which makes solar especially attractive. Find out the price of Solar Panels in Queensland, what rebates and incentives you’re eligible for and how to find the best deal.

These are the key points you need to know when considering Solar Panels in Queensland.
  • Solar panel system prices have substantially dropped and are becoming more and more affordable
  • Generous rebates are still available and are worth over $4,000 for a 7kW system.
  • Feed in tariffs (FIT) pay you for the excess electricity you sell to the grid.
  • You can expect systems to pay for themselves in around 3 -6 years.

Here’s the latest information on system sizes and value of the Federal Rebate in 2019:

System size 1.5 kW 2 kW 3 kW 4 kW 5 kW 6 kW 7 kW
Number of panels (approx.) 5 7 10 13 16 19 23
Value of rebate (STCs) $864 $1,188 $1,764 $2,376 $2,952 $3,564 $4,176
Approx Payback 3 – 6 years 3 – 6 years 3 – 6 years 3 – 6 years 3 – 6 years 3 – 6 years 3 – 6 years

Here is an indication of FIT rates available retailers in QLD.

AGL 10.6c – 20c Website
Origin 7c – 20c Website
Energy Australia 16.1c Website
Click Energy 0c – 16c Website
Ergon 9.4 c Website
Diamond 12c Website

To see up to date FIT rates view our FIT rates page here

Choosing a system size depends on many factors, including how much energy you use during daylight hours, how large your roof is, how much shading you have and the orientation of your roof.

Here is a simple guide to help you when getting quotes.

Small Home Medium Home Large Home
System size 1.5 – 3 kW 3 – 5 kW 5 – 7 kW
Avg daily production 6.3 kWh 12 kWh 16.8 kWh

Investing in a solar system for your home or business really is a no brainer due to a combination of high power prices and low system prices.

Solar Market allows you to compare quotes from up to 3 solar installers in your local area.

We put you in touch with reliable, Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installers who will look at your situation and come up with the best system for your needs.

Just complete the simple form and you’ll be contacting by 3 local solar firms who can help you find the system that’s right for your needs.

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