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Solar storage batteries in Australia are becoming increasingly popular for people with solar systems who are wanting to increase their energy independence and maximise more on savings. In the past, the cost of batteries has outweighed the benefits, with the return on investment being impractical for the average household. Now as technology has advanced, and the market has expanded, batteries are continually decreasing in price, becoming a desirable and practical purchase for Australians wanting to maximise energy savings and further reduce their bills.

Government Solar Battery Rebates Are Available

Some State Governments in Australia have turned their focus and funding to solar batteries to assist with the increasing demand for solar storage and the success of Solar PV System installations for households in Australia.
See the list of State Government Assistance Available Here

Through the quoting process battery providers will be able to provide battery options tailored to your needs and in most cases be able to assist you in claiming the State Government Assistance Available.

See the current prices and brands out in the market below!

Solar battery storage pricing

Brand Size* Price**
Enphase AC Battery 1.2kWh $2,000 (Fully installed)
Soltaro 2 2kWh $1,700
Pylontech US2000B 2.4kWh $1,999
SolaX 3.3 3.5kWh $5,390
Sonnen Eco 4kWh $8,000
SunGrow SBP4K8 4.8kWh $3,500
ELMOFO E-Cells ALB52-106 5.5kWh $8,190
Akasol neeoQube 5.5kWh $12,000
Delta Hybrid E5 6kWh $6,600
Leclanche Apollion Cube 6.7kWh $9,200
Fusion Power Systems Titan-3 8kWh $13,750
Sonnenschein @ Home Lithium 8.5kWh $10,109
Hybrid “Home” Plus 9.84kWh $11,000
Redflow ZCell 10kWh $12,600
Senec.home Li 10 10 kWh 15,202
BYD B-Box RES 10.24 kWh $7,500
Sunverge SIS 11.6kWh $26,000 (Fully installed)
Magellan HESS 12.8 kWh $20,600

Last Updated October 2018
* Nominal storage (when filled to the brim, which is not recommended for battery life)
**Price is approximate and may not include installation

Households that are looking to capture their excess solar power to use in the evening can do so by investing in a smaller battery, while those looking to run their home almost entirely on solar power with backup functionality, will need a larger battery.

Example: If your excess or exported energy per day to the grid is between 6kWh-10kWh, you’d want a battery with the storage capacity of at least 7-10kWh to hold this excess power for you to use at night instead of it being exported to the grid.

TIP: A battery can be included as part of a new solar system or they can be retrofitted to an existing system. Batteries such as Sonnen, Tesla Powerwall 2, Senec and Enphase can be added to any existing system regardless of the existing solar inverter.

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