Battery pricing

Solar storage batteries are in demand now more than ever, thanks mostly to the continually rising electricity prices [up 63% in the last 10 years] and the promise of reduced grid reliance.

It’s not total freedom from the grid, but pretty darn close.

Powering your house or business 24/7 with solar is the new Australian dream.

With battery [and solar system] prices continually coming down, increased opportunities for financing and batteries being compatible with most existing solar system, that dream is easy to achieve.

A battery can be included as part of a new solar system or they can be retro-fitted to an existing system.

Believe or not, there are dozens of batteries currently on the market and we suggest that you source one that will break even over its 10-year warranty period. We’ve priced out some of the most popular for you below.

The price of battery storage is directly related to the amount of capacity that your home or business requires. There are also extra/add-on features to consider – home automation, app or smart phone access and backup for when the grid is down.

Many households are looking to capture the excess solar power to use in the evening, which would often be well suited to a smaller battery. Those looking to run their home almost entirely on solar power with backup functionality, will be needing a larger battery. They can price anywhere between $2000 – $20,000.

Through the quoting process, the suppliers will ascertain the required storage size for you home’s solar system.

We’ve priced out some of the most popular for you below.

Solar battery storage pricing

Brand Price Size
AllGrid Energy $12,999 10kWh
Alpha.ESS Storion $3,500 per 3kWh module 3kWh
Ampetus Energy Pod $11,450 5kWh
Aquion $2,300 2.2kWh
BYD B-Box 10 $8,734 2.45kWh
Enphase AC Battery $2,000 1.2kWh
Fronius $20,000 12kWh
LG Chem $8,800  6.4kWh
Magellan Power $20,600 9.2kWh
Mercedes-Benz Energy $4000 per module 2.5kWh
NeeoQube $6,900 2.5kWh
Panasonic $12,000 5.3kWh
Redback $7000 3.3kWh
Redflow $17,500 10kWh
Samsung ESS $18,668 5kWh
Solax $6,700 14.4 kWh
Sonnen $3500 2kWh
*Sunverge $9,990 7.7kWh
*Tesla Powerwall 2 $9,450 6.4kWh
Victron $3,500 per module 2.3kWh

*Includes inverter

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