Switch To Solar Before Rebates Are Reduced!

The Government currently subsidies a large % of the costs when installing solar for now!

There’s been talk amongst the Liberal Government that in the near future they could eliminate or reduce the Government Rebate, making the initial cost of switching to solar more expensive!

The rebate is currently worth the following amounts depending on system size.Typical rebates are around $1,000- $4,500 currently depending on the size of your system.

System size Number of panels (approx.) Value of rebate (STCs)
1.5 kW 5 $975
2 kW 7 $1,313
3 kW 10 $1,988
4 kW 13 $2,663
5 kW 16 $3,338
6 kW 19 $4,013
7 kW 23 $4,688

If the rebate was cut, system prices would increase by this amount!

Don’t Miss out on the extremely generous rebates available!

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Benefits of Switching To Solar.

  • Great ROI

    Great Returns on investment

    Solar is one of the best investments you can make and pays for itself in around 3-5 years.

  • Get Paid

    Get paid to export to the grid

    Your retailer still pays you for the excess power you don’t use during the day.

  • Rebates Available

    Generous rebates still available

    The Australian government still pays up to $4,000 towards the value of your system via Small Technology Certificates (STC’s).

  • System warranty

    System warranties last 25 years

    Systems are now extremely durable – most panels have warranties of 25 years and inverter 10 years.

  • Cheaper Solar

    Solar has never been cheaper

    Solar system prices have never been cheaper and start from around $3,000 up to $8,000.

  • Shield from price rise

    Reduce exposure to future power price rises

    By installing solar, you’ll reduce your reliance on the grid and the price rises sure to come.

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