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Whyalla, South AustraliaWhyalla, South Australia

A serene, red steel city where the outback meets the sea, mixed with the city’s semi-arid climate, Whyalla is the ideal holiday destination.

An excellent foreshore, marina and a shady park, the HMAS Whyalla and the annual migration of the Giant Australian Cuttlefish are only few of the feathers the city of Whyalla wears on its cap.

A city shaped by the steelworks and iron industry, the ‘Steel City’ is also known for the steelworks that are still doing regular tours and the Annual Snapper festival that happens every Easter weekend.

Why choose solar power in Whyalla

After the failure of funding the construction of Australia’s biggest solar power plant back in 2013, the citizens of Whyalla are now slowly standing up. More households are now harnessing the energy coming from our mighty sun.

With power prices nationwide expected to increase substantially over the next couple of years, solar is a great way to protect yourself and your family.

On top of the savings that you can receive once your solar power system starts producing power through Feed-in tariffs, the reduction in the up-front cost of systems is also an incentive in itself. Panel prices have fallen dramatically over the last 18 months and this means that a 5kW system which previously cost around $25,000 now costs around $7,000.

To work out your payback period and returns on investment, go here – Financial returns and payback periods or use our new Solar Savings Calculator.

If you have any questions about how to use the formulas or any other matter, please don’t hesitate to ask us a question.

Feed-in Tariffs for Whyalla residents

The South Australian state government mandates a minimum retail Feed-in tariff rate of 7.6c/kWh for residential solar power systems up to 5kW. Retailers can, and some do, provide higher rates for power you feed back into the system, so make sure to check with your retailer about what rate you can expect.

*Energy Retailer Current Rate More info
Lumo Energy 7c Website
AGL 16.3c Website
Simply Energy 6.8c Website
Origin 11c Website

*Rates updated July 2017

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