Solar Power & Solar Panels Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier, South AustraliaMount Gambier, South Australia

Sitting in between the busy cities of Melbourne and Adelaide, Mount Gambier is described as the city of ‘craters, lakes and caves’. As a thriving progressive community, located on the slopes of a volcano, both residents and tourists enjoy a quality lifestyle hugged by Mother Nature.

Famous for its ‘Blue Lake’ which changes colour dramatically each year, the city also boasts beautiful parks and gardens, caves and sinkholes. You can also find diverse range of shopping and entertainment establishments while being surrounded by volcanic crater lakes, limestone and underground aquifers.

Food lovers will enjoy sophisticated dining, casual eateries or gourmet delights at cozy pubs, local bakeries, butchers, delicatessens and fruiterers.

Motor sport is a regular draw among the sporting crowd, but others can still check out spectator events like rugby, netball, cricket and tennis.

Mount Gambier may seem small but it is the largest city in the South Australia region that is best known for being the hub of new and renewable energy in the country. Solar systems remain popular among Mount Gambier residents and businesses. The city, after all, receives nearly four hours of peak sun every day. Solar companies in Mount Gambier are growing in numbers to cater to the ever increasing demand for solar panels.

Why choose solar power in Mt Gambier?

With power prices nationwide expected to increase substantially over the next couple of years, solar is a great way to protect yourself and your family.

On top of the savings that you can receive once your solar power system starts producing power through Feed-in tariffs, the reduction in the up-front cost of systems is also an incentive in itself. Panel prices have fallen dramatically over the last 18 months and this means that a 5kW system which previously cost around $25,000 now costs around $7,000.

To work out your payback period and returns on investment, go here – Financial returns and payback periods or use our Solar Savings Calculator.

If you have any questions about how to use the formulas or any other matter, please don’t hesitate to ask us a question.

Solar Power in Mt Gambier: Comparing the best solar panel deals

We pride ourselves in providing the most affordable solar panel quotes in the Mt Gambier area. Receive three quotes and feel safe in being able to compare the prices yourself. As the solar systems experts Australia wide, we know the best deals for Mt Gambier residents. Claim your 3 free quotes below.

Feed-in Tariffs for Mt Gambier residents

The South Australian state government mandates a minimum retail Feed-in Tariff rate of 7.6c/kWh for residential solar power systems up to 5kW. Retailers can, and some do, provide higher rates for power you feed back into the system, so make sure to check with your retailer about what rate you can expect.

*Energy Retailer Current Rate More info
Lumo Energy 7c Website
AGL 16.3c Website
Simply Energy 6.8c Website
Origin 11c Website

*Rates updated July 2017

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