VB has partnered with the Clemenger Group and Diamond Energy to launch the VB Solar Exchange… and it works exactly how the name suggests!

The program means you’ll be able to exchange the excess solar you generate at home for a slab of VB. Not sure what excess solar is? You can read a little more about it here. Once you’ve got $30 worth of solar excess, it’s time to claim. You don’t even need to leave your house to stock up the fridge; as part of the Solar Exchange, VB will have it delivered to your front door. How’s that for an arrangement? If we weren’t clear enough with the explanation, the brewery has released a video to show you how it all works. Check it out below!

Where it all began at VB…

In 2019, Japanese brewer Asahi bought Carlton & United Breweries for a massive $16 billion. VB, being one of Carlton & United Breweries brands, launched the program to contribute to Asahi’s sustainability plan going forward. This includes fully powering its Australian and New Zealand operations with renewable energy by 2025 and achieving zero carbon-dioxide emissions by 2050.

VB made one of their first steps towards achieving these goals in 2020, when their Victorian manufacturing made the switch to solar. You can read more about that and other Aussie breweries doing the same here.

What will VB do with the credits?

VB will use Power Ledger, a software that helps record transactions, to look after the exchange and make it easy for all involved. If you join the program, you’ll be able to track your progress too. Once VB receives the credits generated from your excess solar, they’ll either put the money back into the program or towards achieving their sustainability goals. Talk about going green!

Sign me up!

As you can imagine, the program is proving to be quite popular. You’ll need to sign-up and complete an application quick-smart as there are only limited spots available. If you miss out this time, don’t stress… there’s a plan for more spots becoming available down the track. There are a few conditions that you have to meet to be eligible though, so we’ll lay them out for you below.

  • Firstly, you’ll have to be a resident of Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland (Exclusive to Energex Customers) or South Australia.
  • You’ll need to be a residential householder aged over 18 (because, you know… it’s the legal drinking age).
  • If you want to use your solar excess for slabs of VB, you need to switch to Diamond Energy and agree to a few other terms and conditions.

If you drink VB, you’ll know a carton of 24 can generally cost you anywhere between $45 and $55 depending on your location and local bottle shop. So, if you’re considering applying for the program, you’re not only avoiding spending your hard-earned money on a slab; you’re also getting roughly $45 to $55 worth of beer for $30 in solar excess credits.

Find us on social media and let us know if you’ll be applying for VB’s solar exchange. If not, tell us what you drink and if you’d love to see a similar initiative from your favourite!